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Seems,  every time I find something I really like, it gets discontinued. There have been several programs over the years that I used a lot and then they were no more. Remember the sheep?

I want you to know I spent a half hour trying to download a version of the Scmpoo Sheep. I was unsuccessful. Yesterday I was trying to find a Google Calendar that would work on my sidebar. I used to have Google Desktop, and I loved it, but of course it was discontinued—I imagine it’s at the sheep farm where retired computer programs and games go. I spent a couple of hours trying to find a sidebar that would have a notepad and a calendar. I wanted them both to stay open when I was working on other things on the internet.

Then what happens, I end up downloading all these zip file openers, and download managers that I don’t need, so I have to waste more time taking them back off.

Why-O-Why can’t you just get what you ask for or get a no way answer? What would you rather get, a stumbling through of all kinds of programs that unrelated to what you are searching for or a plain old No-No Way Jack-Nope-Not Possible-Thanks, but no thanks? Technology Woes and Time Sucks.

And why would you ask about sheep and your search gives you wild and crazy zig-zags? How are they related?

Ancestry.comFamily Tree Maker, I bought the original, the Family Tree Maker II and then III, IV, and V. Now it’s  useless. I’m hoping I can get my family tree information which I saved on a CD (before DVDs), to transfer to my computer so that I might update it someway. I gave a couple of feeble attempts and didn’t get anywhere, so I know this is going to be a major time suck.

  • I did find a program that would allow me to upload my videos from my Cam-corder after the original program discontinued. It took me a while, but at least I can still use the recorder. I figured out a work around for my very expensive digital camera that is only a few years old, because that program discontinued too.

Records, 8 track tapes, cassette tapes, micro cassette tapes, VHS tapes, CD’s, DVD’s, Flash Drives, External Hard Drives, Cloud Storage, and so it goes. I’m not sure if there is something newer, perhaps you know.

Normally I try to find solutions to the Woes, but in this case, I think the solution is, don’t try to bring the past back. What’s gone is gone. I even donated things from my garage yesterday, a perfectly good microwave, because I updated to a built in one, my TIVO, my Qualcom communication system, a GPS, and some other old electronics. Maybe some Geek can revive these expensive electronics that have been discontinued or replaced by newer models.Back view of a Series 2 Tivo unit

Magellan Blazer12 GPS Receiver.

How many old cell phones do you have laying around? How about Wireless headsets? What programs did you love that are no more? Do you spend a lot of time trying to find comparable programs?

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17 thoughts on “Technology Woes–Time Sucks by Cher’ley

  1. I agree with you, Cherley. The software wizards at the techno-software companies are out to bedevil us. One no sooner gets use to a new software version than they come up with an update that has a new interface that’s designed to confound. But, hey, they want to make money and charge more, not do many tweaks and not be able to sell at new model prices. Capitalism… don’t we love it?


  2. I know the feeling, Cher’ley. I’m not the computer savvy one of the fa,mily but I tend to hang on to things I like till I have no choice but to make changes. I’m dreading the time that I have to change my Word 2003 version to something more ‘modern’. Hubby is the one with ancient technology stored away in our outhouses and cellar. Want some obscure cable connector? Yes. We probably have it.


  3. I agree. To me it is a combination of needing to make money and make things better. Of course my motto is , if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Doris


  4. It is frustrating and particularly the sites that never quite have what the heading promised frustrate me. I open a site then have to open another and another and still don’t find what’s promised sometimes. I do remember the sheep and had it on my first computer which still works fine, a big old Gateway about 23 years old, but of course I can’t get printers to work with it anymore. And you’re right, dealing with apps is really time consuming and time seems to evaporate when I’m on the computer!


  5. I’m with you Cherley! I waste more time working on the computer trying to find what I need to update old software that has gone to the graveyard than I ever did with good old-fashioned paper and pencil and a little legwork. However, it’s especially important to those of us who write to have programs and the Internet. I’ve had a couple of instances that almost made me tear my hair out! When Yahoo! pictures said they were taking down their blog pages and all pictures, I put it off until they took it off and I lost all my photos (some not backed up). So I had to re-create a blog and used a site that also went bye-bye and I finally went to WordPress, which was recommended to be very hard to navigate by a friend. I listened to her, made the mistakes I did, and finally ended up on WordPress, which I love. Every time my iPhone gets updated things get squirrely. For some reason my Scrabble game quit (I bought it about six years ago from a gaming site that is now defunct. In my hunting for another copy I happened upon a site that listed the game for $2.99. Beware of wolves in sheeps clothing. When I downloaded all the files I got a trial version and a subscription to a gamesite that cost $6.99 a month! grrrrrr. Another couple of hours wasted. I currently have two cell-phones in the junk drawer, a couple of blue tooth wireless headsets, umpteen cords that don’t belong to anything and about six radios. My favorite program, which I mentioned, is Scrabble – they don’t even have it on the official site! I still use the Kodak downloader for all my pics (because I don’t want to learn a new program. Recently I have found some great iPhone apps that make my life easier, but they don’t work on my Macbook Pro. It sure can be frustrating, can’t it?


  6. I haven’t gone as far with technology as others have, so I haven’t had all the replacement headaches. However, I was recently told that CD drives are disappearing from computers and will have to be replaced with external drives. We had to replace a perfectly good printer because a new computer wouldn’t even acknowledge its existence, even after extensive research to get them talking to each other. I expect to be forced to buy a smart phone at some point even though I’m happy with my dumb one. What displeases me most–right now, anyway–is the “streamlining” sites do–aka fixing what ain’t broken–requiring more clicks to do less. It’s the Nibbled to Death by Ducks Syndrome.

    A good change I’ve made is switching from Word to LibreOffice. Economical to the max, didn’t have to buy Word with the latest laptop, just made a small voluntary contribution and downloaded LO. I can save documents as Word docs, and correspondents can open them with no problem. And that Word ribbon thingy at the top is nowhere to be seen.

    But I still carry a torch for WordPerfect. THAT was a fine program.


  7. I get frustrated a lot with technology, too, and I am still holding out on getting a Smartphone (although there are days when I’m tempted to get one!) I dislike spending money on gadgets and such but there are times when we have to “give in” to the techie folks. My husband and I recently cleaned out part of our garage and threw out old Macs, old PCs, and old printers — some of those in their day cost twice as much as what computers cost now! Whoda thunk??! Good luck with your upgrades, Cher’ley!


  8. The current thinking is to get you to upgrade every few years. This creates a consistent market and of course sales for the tech companies. Sadly this doesn’t just apply to electronics. Companies are always coming out with “New & Improved” versions of things when there was nothing wrong with the original.


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