A Hard Habit to Break

This post by Abbie Johnson Taylor

I never liked the taste of coffee. I always thought it was bitter. The funny thing is that on the few occasions I tried coffee flavored ice cream, I found it delicious. I considered trying one of those fancy coffee drinks at Starbucks or some other such location but didn’t want to spend a lot of money for something I wouldn’t enjoy. I love the smell of coffee, though, and some of the flavors such as Swiss mocha or French vanilla sound heavenly.

My brother in Florida loves coffee and can’t live without it. Recently, he told me he started one of those twenty-eight day diets where you give up everything: pasta, bread, alcohol, even coffee. I shouldn’t have been surprised when he said he still drinks it. This turn of events inspired me to write the following acrostic poem in which each consecutive line spells the word “coffee.” I can’t blame people for not wanting to give this up. I feel the same way about Dr. Pepper, and if I don’t have my mid or late afternoon can, I’m not worth much for the rest of the day.


Chained to a cup of aromatic but bitter brew,

old and young men and women live

for that morning pick-me-up,

freshly roasted, harvested from beans.

Even in Florida, naked, inebriated, they find

energy in coffee but not for me.

Do you drink coffee? Would you give it up, even if it was for just twenty-eight days?

Abbie Johnson Taylor, Author

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17 thoughts on “A Hard Habit to Break

  1. I don’t drink coffee, but there was a time I did with plenty of flavored creamer. I do shell out the cash for a chai tea latte from Starbucks though. 🙂


  2. Abbie, sorry I didn’t get the pictures up, but this is a great post and an excellent poem.

    I love coffee black, and drink it most of the day. My husband loves Frappees and Cappichnninos.


  3. Abbie, sorry I didn’t get the pictures up, but this is a great post and an excellent poem.

    I love coffee black, and drink it most of the day. My husband loves Frappees and Cappichnninos. Cher’ley


  4. That was a fun, creative post Abbie,

    I went from Dr. Pepper to coffee. It was a multi-year transition aided by ice blended vanilla sweetness slowly turning into a sugarless milky brown addiction. It would be hard to give up as I get a headache without it, but it could be done if I had to do it.


  5. Great poem, Abbie! Hope you enter it in a contest — I’m sure many people would relate. I didn’t start drinking coffee until I married my husband and I discovered the varied flavors and ways to “disguise” the coffee flavor. My favorites now are Irish Cream and chocolate raspberry. I LOVE the raspberry mocha at Starbucks and occasionally stop in Sheridan on my way to visit my parents in Montana for a Starbucks raspberry mocha. Maybe we can meet up one day when I’m in town and you can try it, my treat!


  6. I’ve been a coffee drinker since the mid-70s, back when a young reporter where I’d drink the coffee of government secretaries and clerks on my morning rounds and chitchat with them. At one time, if I went without coffee for a day, I’d get headaches. Don’t know if I still would; I drink four or five K-cups a day, always black.


  7. I think I’ve been drinking coffee forever! Due to medical issues both my husband and I have to drink decafeinated, but I add 3 scoops of decaf and one of regular anyway. Got to have that kick to get my day started, plus I love the taste of coffee. Great post and I loved the poem. Oh, and I also like tea, especially in the afternoon.


  8. Sorry this comment is late, I’m on a vacation trip and don’t always have good internet or time. But there are many benefits of coffee and I enjoy my two or three cups a day. A lot of non-coffee drinkers have reformed with all the flavored coffees around.


  9. Nice poem, Abbie! I’ve only had Dr. Pepper a few times when in the states and found it a novelty. I’m not sure I could drink it regularly, though, since I don’t drink fizzy drinks. Coffee on the other hand might be difficult to give up!


  10. Fun poem, Abbie! I do like coffee, especially the expensive ones from Starbucks and other places like that. I don’t drink it every day though. Usually my daily caffeinated beverage is tea.


  11. If anyone suggests I give up coffee, I will suggest they give up oxygen. I drink a full pot before my husband even wakes up. Funny thing was I wasn’t a coffee drinker until I turned 24. Moved to a ski town, had a cup with a packet of cocoa mix in it one morning, and the next day, I drank it black.

    Loved the poem, Abbie. Thanks for sharing!


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