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As many of the readers of this blog know, I’ve been researching the women doctors of Colorado for some time now. My cut off date is 1900. The interesting thing about my research is the request I sometimes receive when others are looking for someone. It has happened twice in the last year. One doctor was Kate Yont, who I wrote about a while back. Recently I was asked to supplement some information about Dr. Albertine Yale. She falls outside of my parameters , but you may find her story interesting.


Dr. Yale was born in Wisconsin around 1867. She was Albert Yale on June 22, 1887 and divorced him in 1907 for non-support.  Shortly thereafter she filed for ‘child support’ of $40 a month for their three children 2 boys, 1 girl, ages 19, 16, and 12. At the time he worked at the Colorado Title and Trust Company in Colorado Springs.

A 1903 graduate of the Milwaukee Medical College in Wisconsin, she received her Colorado license in January of 1904. In the 1906-07 city directory her practice as a physician and surgeon in Colorado Springs offices  were on Tejon street. Her office hours were 2-4 pm and 7-8 pm.

View of headstones in Evergreen Cemetery
View of headstones in Evergreen Cemetery

Sometime after the divorce she removed her practice to an area about twenty-five miles south of town. The area became known as Bardeen, which was her maiden name. There was a post office there from 1917-1924. Albertine died in 1920 and is buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Colorado Springs. The town which bore her maiden name no longer exists. It is now part of the Ft. Carson military base.

There is more to be researched about this woman and her family, but for now, this is the story we have. Perhaps when I finish the doctors prior to 1900 I’ll move to the ones before WWII. Time will tell. In the meantime, I have a couple of fiction pieces I will be finishing up. With luck readers will enjoy them this year.

Happy researching and writing, for the stories are there if you but look.


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16 thoughts on “Calling the Doctor

    1. You are welcome. The information just keeps popping up. The wonderful thing now, people come to me when they want to know about these women. That is such a compliment I feel. There really were a lot here. Doris


  1. I admire your tenacity in researching these remarkable women, and your ability to ferret out so much information. Also enjoy reading about and imagining their lives. Thanks for another interesting blog, Doris.


    1. You are welcome, Neva. This one was handed to me. A friend was researching and had hit a brick wall. I think because I am so acquainted with the process I could get past the problems and find what they needed. I feel so blessed to be telling their stories. Doris


  2. Doris, what courage and fortitude this woman, and many others, had — divorce was so uncommon in those days and for a woman to accuse the man of non-support: WOW! that took great courage (and confidence). Thank you for bringing these people “back to life” for us and inspiring us with their stories! Good luck with your fiction pieces — I HAVE TO get back to that part of my writing career: I miss it!


    1. Gayle, she was pretty amazing. I know I’ve just touched the surface with her story, but time will tell.
      The fiction I’ve made promises, so I will deliver. (Sigh) But I do love telling stories. Just received an amazing 5 Star for “Home” and it does inspire me to keep on. Doris


  3. What you’ve found already is really interesting, Doris. Not an easy choice for that woman to make but so resourceful. Thanks for sharing.


    1. I was pleased when a friend asked me to add to the knowledge they had. It seems she had fallen through the cracks, but then she was just past my cut off date. I do admire her determination to follow through on what she felt was right. Doris


    1. S.J., you are correct. When you know where to start looking the rest falls in place fairly quickly. I realize I talk a lot about these women, but their stories are so fascinating I just have to share. Doris


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