happy-birthday002This post by Jennifer Flaten

As I write this I am sitting at the dining room table, listening to the girls decorate my birthday cake.

All the kids love watching the Food Network, especially all the baking challenges. One year we even took a cupcake decorating class at the craft store. From that experience, I learned that I hate piping frosting. My kids, on the other hand, can pipe some nice rosettes.

Earlier the girls and my son held a confab and came up with a plan for my cake. After that, they banned me from the kitchen and broke out the mixing bowls. My son helped make the actual the cake, a simple box mix, but he wandered off prior to the decorating.

You wouldn’t think it takes much space to decorate a small two-layer cake, but the girls have commandeered every square inch of available counter space.

The decorating process has required, so far, two tubs of frosting, every single tube of food coloring, and about six different bowls.

The amount of mess on my counters is making me a bit twitchy. The kids are great at the creation process…not so great at the clean up.

Sure, they’ve promised to clean up, but I’ve heard that story before. These are kids after all. Just the other day I found two swipes of toothpaste on the bathroom doorjamb. After questioning the usual suspects I learned that one kid (who shall remain) nameless had toothpaste on her fingers and didn’t want to get a towel… ya, not holding out high hopes for the clean up.

That’s okay; I’m getting a cake out of it.

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5 thoughts on “Frosted

  1. Oh the gift we get from our children. Sometimes unexpected, but always done with love. Enjoy the cake, and hope you don’t have to do all the clean-up. Doris


  2. Today is also Buffalo Bill’s birthday. When I had lunch at the Historic Sheridan Inn where Buffalo Bill stayed, they were giving away free cake, chocolate with white icing, delicious. Happy birthday to you and Buffalo Bill.


  3. Happy belated birthday Jennifer. You’re a lucky mother to have children who want to make you something special. I hope you don’t have to clean up, but even if you do, remember the love that went into all that mess. Hope your day was special and the cake was delicious!


  4. Happy birthday, Jennifer, and I’m sure your cake is superb. Love to see a pic of it becasue I seem to remember they have fantastic decorating skill and imagination! The wash up will pale into comparison with the delight of your cake. 😉


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