A Tangled Skein

This post by Jennifer Flaten

Oh, what a tangled skein we weave when we lose our concentration.

This used to be a neatly skeined hank of yarn. IMG_1043

For all the knitting I do, I should own a swift, which is device that allows you to neatly wind the yarn into a ball, but I don’t.

My chief reason for not having a swift is that I am cheap. They are just pricy enough to make them seem like a luxury item. Until this happens and I spend hours, literally hours picking apart this giant tangle of yarn then I think no price is too high.

Because I don’t have a swift, I usually put the skeins over the back of a chair and patiently wind the ball up. 9 times out of 10, it works fine. Oh, but that 10th time, such a mess. Not even sure, how I got it so tangled up, operator error I assume. I should have known better, this is a very thin yarn; it knots if you look at it funny, and I had the audacity to try to tame it into a ball.

In order to salvage a small amount of yarn, I had to do the unthinkable I cut the yarn. IMG_1042That’s right this lovely, special hand dyed yarn. Sacrilege!! I should be burned on stake of knitting needles.

I have about half the yarn balled up. Now, I can make a much smaller item with the yarn I rescued from this mess or I can patiently sit and pick the tangle apart and get the whole 420 yards of yarn.

If I decide to try to unravel this mess I will treat it as an exercise in patience, I will try to find the Zen in picking is mess apart. Imagine how peaceful I will be, either that or certifiable.

Now I need to pick the perfect pattern to go with this yarn, because I am definitely not ripping it out to start again.
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9 thoughts on “A Tangled Skein

  1. Jennifer, I vote that you buy a swift. The small expenditure will be much easier for you to bear than will immolation on a stake of knitting needles. Your blogging partners will feel better if you get the swift, too. Think about it, okay?


  2. I’m with Kathy, Jennifer. Buy a swift. Me… I’m going to avoid knitting. Had some older relatives who would knit Christmas presents, but they’re no longer of this Earth.


  3. Knitting is almost a thing of the past, but perhaps it will revive like quilting seems to have done. We have a group of knitters who make comfort shawls for our hospice patients and families. They gather once a week. Good luck with the yarn, I remember what a tangle is like from my knitting days.


  4. As an avid knitter myself, I totally understand what you’re going through Jennifer. I don’t have a swift but your post has talked me into getting one. You definitely need one – count it as a Mother’s Day, Birthday or any other holiday gift to yourself. Love the yarn! Patience is something you have to have no matter what you’re doing. That’s one thing I have a lot of – I’ll take something out or restart it if I see any kind of mistake that I think someone else will see. Tell the people who set up the being impaled on knitting needles you have another appointment that day and you’re sorry you can’t be available. I’m sure they’ll understand! lol


  5. I don’t knit, but when time allows (what’s that?) I do crochet. I sympathize with you. I have spent many an hour detangling yarn. In the end it is usually worth it…but.

    Please put a photo of your end project, whatever it is, on a blog. I’d love to see it. Doris


  6. Jennifer, I never heard of a swift. Now I will have to look on the internet for one. I am a novice at crochet and that would come in handy. I did try my luck at Knitting years ago. I can knit some beautiful triangles. Yep, I drop a stitch on each row. I agree with Doris I would love to see the finished project.


  7. You remind me of my childhood and youth when I was given the job of unwinding the skein -over the back of a chair- into a ball. I’m not sure, but I think real wool (as opposed to synthetic yarns) was only availble as a skein for a lot of my childhood before the fancy ‘figure of eight’ type balls of wool became the norm. “Patience is a virtue..possess it if you can…seldom in a woman…never in a man!” also springs to mind since my mum adn nana often used that adage at such times.
    I wish you well with your knitting, Jennifer! Fun post- even if the tangles weren’t. 😉


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