Make a change

This post by Jennifer Flaten

This summer I started a new job as part time bookkeeper for a social justice organization. The prior bookkeeper left the position before I was hired, so I’ve had no formal training.

I am working from a monthly “To-Do” list left by the former bookkeeper. My boss, the treasurer, is also new to his position. More than once my boss has questioned why we do something a certain way and all I can do is shrug helplessly and say because its on the list and if it’s on the list it means we’ve always done it that way.

What makes my boss great is that he will ask if I think thIMAG1097at is the way we SHOULD do it, or if there is a better way.

Maybe that procedure was necessary five years ago, but is that the best way to do the task today. Usually, the answer is yes that is the best way (or if it is regarding interacting with a government authority it is the ONLY way to do it whether you like it or not), but we’ve changed a few procedures.

Is there something that you do the same way every single time? Is that the best way it could be done or are you doing it because it’s always been done this way?
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7 thoughts on “Make a change

  1. That is always one to trip me up! I like change as I find it exciting, but I also tend to do things the same way and expect new results! (I think that’s the definition of stupidity.) Sounds like you have a great boss and you are both stretching your minds! Congrats.


  2. I’m kind of that way with my writing. I use Word because that’s the way I’ve been doing things for more than twenty-five years, both with creative writing and on the job as a reporter and technical writer. I know there’s other software out there nowadays, but I’m not hungering to try something new. I have a publisher for my books, and so don’t need to put a novel online as an indie author. But who knows… things could change.


  3. I have to admit, I will change things up just to keep from getting stale, or to see if there is a better way. If not, I’ve only lost a bit of time and effort. Still sometimes it pays off. Doris


  4. I think I’m of the mind set who is naturally resistant to change but I do try new things as a challenge. I also have the perennial issue of a poor long term memory and ‘forget’ how I did some procedure if I don’t do it regularly. The phrase ” Now how did I do that?” features a lot with me! I’m sure if you’ve set up new procedures that are more effective, it will be really appreciated, Jennifer.


  5. I think we can all be victims of “that’s the way we’ve always done it” sometimes. And change can be scary and hard–but it’s also exciting. Almost everything in my life is changing right now, and it’s good, but most nights I wake up and worry for awhile. 🙂


  6. Often I find things that are required at work, don’t always make sense to me, but must be part of a larger picture. When one of my co workers ask why would this work this way. I have advised them Just Because.


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