You Betta

This post by Jennifer Flaten

We’ve gone Betta crazy in this house. No, Betta isn’t a new slang word for mega or ultra. Although, we could try to get that started–dude that new movie was so Betta! Eh, probably won’t catch on.

No, the Betta I’m talking about is the fish. You may know them as the Siamese fighting fish. Yes, I am now the proud owner of two of those jewel-tofile000855858507ned fish with the elaborate fins.

When you see them at the pet store, they are resting blissfully at the bottom of the tank. This leads you to believe they are a nice calm fish.  After all, they’re fish, what’s there to get upset about. Well, everything, apparently.

They are actually surly little buggers that are so aggressive they have to be kept in in small isolation tanks.

Now, we are home to two Betta fish because when you have twins you need to have to of everything including fish that can’t stand one another.

If you have such fish, you need two tanks (of course you do) and you need accessories for your fish. Did you know fish need accessories? I didn’t but my girls quickly schooled me on Betta fish needs.

Did I mention we have three cats? Naturally, the cats will consider the two Betta fish a very tasty snack indeed. The bowl? Well, that is just a fish vending machine according to the cats.

Both fish, in separate tanks now reside in the bathroom. That is the only place where we ha e enough room for two tanks, and can keep the door closed so that cats can’t practice their fishing skills.

The first Betta fish lasted two weeks. This weekend marks the one-week anniversary for the new arrivals. Fingers are crossed that these two continue to wave their fins aggressively for a good long time.

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10 thoughts on “You Betta

  1. Ah yes, fish. Never cared for them, but if you have to have one, Betta’s are at least pretty. Best to you with this new endeavor. Doris


  2. Betta the cats will find a way to go fishing for the Betta fish. Seriously, I’ve never had an aquarium, but as a kid I wanted one. A family two houses down when I lived in Rialto in the early ’60s had one in their living room. I found it fascinating, both the fish swimming in it and the accessories, especially the sunken ship.


  3. They are pretty, but beauty often has it’s ugly side, even in fish. We had one once in a bowl with a peace lilly on top. That was a fad for a while. They are fun to bait with your finger on the side of the bowl as they come right over and puff up kind of, ready to do battle. Have fun and may they last a while!


  4. Maybe your cats and fish will be on the program on tv called The Best of Friends (I think). It’s about two animals of extreme difference that become friends. That is, if the kitties don’t kill the fish first! Enjoy them – I had one on my desk in my office for quite some time and they are very relaxing to watch.


  5. We never had a Betta but we did have some uninspiring guppies. One of them – ‘Bubbles’ – lasted till he was almost a year old when sadly he succumbed to the ministrations of my younger daughter (then 8yrs) and her younger cousin. David and my Sheena decided ‘Bubbles’ needed the tank cleaned …with washing up detergent for dishes! I’m afraid he really did have a Bubbles end because we had an aerator in the tank that produced the most incredible eruption of foam. A sad burial in the garden ensued with a little peg marker. 😦


  6. Good Luck with the fish, and keeping the cats away from them. My husband has maintained a fish tank for years. Upon adding a few guppies ( very small) to the tank a while back we decided to name them lunch & dinner since we were sure they would be eaten. So far Lunch and dinner are doing fine and have avoided becoming a meal for the larger fish.


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