Sofa So Good

This post by Jennifer Flaten

We went couch shopping over the weekend. We took all three kids along. You should see the salesman’s face when we walk in with all three kids in tow. Now, you might think they are a hindrance, but actually, they work really well as a negotiation tool. If the salesman throws in something free (delivery, warranty etc) I promise to keep the kids from jumping on all the furniture and wrecking general havoc on all the display furniture. Some might call it blackmail, I call it smart shopping.

The first store we stopped at the kids seemed more interestedOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA in trying out the various adjustable beds then they were in helping us pick out a sofa. At one point, all three kids were on different beds trying out the various features. One bed goes up. One bed goes down.

One kid even found a bed that vibrated. It was extremely hard to pry the kid off that bed; she insisted she needed one for her room.

They also stumbled upon a display of power recliners. One kid figured out that if you pressed a series of buttons on the chair just right it turned into an ejector seat. Ooops!

Kids invariably know the most expensive piece of furniture in the room and instantly fall in love with it. In our case, it was the $5,000 leather sectional.  The salesman’s attitude sure changed when he thought he would send us home with that…sadly, for him that one is not only out of our ballpark but out of our county too.

By the third furniture store, the kids knew to head right back to the discount furniture room. And, by the final stop, the kids were asking if we would just leave them in the mall food court while we went into the furniture store. All the fun was out of bouncing on display furniture.

At the last furniture store, the kids were begging us to pick a sofa, any sofa. They promised to never eat, drink, use markers–heck even sit on our new sofa as long as they never had to set foot in another furniture store again.

We did pick a sofa and it is coming in two weeks. Now, the kids better honor their promise not to wreck in the first week that we have it.

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9 thoughts on “Sofa So Good

  1. Sounds like an exhausting day! But fun too I bet. I can just picture the progression of the shopping experience with the kids. We still have the sofa we bought 45 years ago, in great shape. I’ve had it recovered once. It was built of solid oak and is heavy and very durable. We bought a new sofa once for a family room, had to stand it on end to try and get it around a sharp corner and then noticed how flimsy it was made and since it wouldn’t go around the corner and down the stairs anyway, had to haul it back 90 miles to return it. So hope all your shopping was worth it and the kids keep their promise! You gave me a smile.


  2. Oh the joy of childhood and fun in the least expected things. Personally, I’ve never found a sofa I liked, so I related to the search. Have fun with the new piece and I do hope they keep their promise. Doris


  3. Reminds me of when I was a kid. Not just furniture shopping with the parents, but using the parents’ bed as the landing zone for high jump competition when the Olympics and World Championships in track and field were being covered.

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  4. Cute post Jennifer. Also, I love the play on words in the title. I can empathize with the furniture thing. My kids were good when I took them shopping, but not in a furniture store. Those darned mattresses get them every time!

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  5. I think I would be trying to sneak off to buy without any kids at all – but i also think yoru way sounds pretty entertaining. Hope you love your new sofa.


  6. Hope you enjoy your new sofa. Your kids would never survive furniture shopping with my hubby. He has been known to not only check every store in 2 states, he will return to a previous store.


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