A Poem for Spring

Steph_2 copy (2)This post by Stephanie Stamm.


In honor of Spring and the new growth I see in my life, I thought I’d share one of my poems as this week’s post. Enjoy!



Like Soil


Winter has lived in me as surely

as it has iced this plot of ground.

I held my breath and went under,

seeking comfort in the burning

of my lungs.


But now,

the soil exhales as a crocus breaks the surface.

It slides with a sigh down the incline

on all sides of the greening.

It eases down and around

a fern’s spiral periscope.

Ants tickle over its sandy skin.

An earthworm licks an undulating path.


And I

am a part of it all–

crocus and fern,

ant and worm,

learning to breathe

with the soil.


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16 thoughts on “A Poem for Spring

  1. I love this, Stephanie! I’ve read it three or four times already and it’s starting my morning out on a high note. Most of us are ready for a new season and this captures how we all feel! Love the phrasing and use of words. I shared with everybody I could think of! Job well done.

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  2. Enjoyed the poem. It’s spring here in the Vegas era. Wildflowers are blooming on cactus and other desert plants. Hopefully, I’ll get over to Valley of Fire on Thursday and see more of them.


  3. Lovely poem, Stephanie! I greatly enjoyed your use of various verbs and descriptor words. I LOVE SPRING and am so glad it’s arrived in Wyoming! Thanks for sharing your creativity with us!!


  4. So visual, so visceral. What a lovely way to invoke our connection to our world and the beginning of Spring, Stephanie. Thank you. Doris


  5. There’s beautiful hope and appreciation in your poem, Stephanie. As I read this on Easter Sunday, it’s a beautiful day and probably above 20 DEG Centigrade -perfect for the family garden gathering. Thetoddlers are in the paddling pool and the sunscreen has been liberally applied. 4 days ago we had snow. Crazy weather patterns but my crocuses are now well opened too, as are my daffodils and varied narcissi. Yet, this in not actually all that unusual for Scotland.


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