Banana Split Two Ways

This post by Jennifer Flaten

This is a short story I wrote awhile back. It fits nicely in with my letter “B”. Enjoy!

Banana Split Two Ways
Part One

Shuffling into the kitchen, Lucy glanced at the counter. Something was not quite right. Lucy stopped and looked again. There was definitely something wrong but she couldn’t quite put her finger on what.

She let her eyes scan the countertop. Everything seemed to be in place, the toaster, canisters, and bananas are right where she’d left them.

Ah ha! The bananas, something is not quite right about the bananas.

Lucy was confused, how anything could be wrong.  Her mom had just bought them. Yesterday, at the store Lucy help her mom pick out the most perfect bright yellow bunch of bananas.

She was looking forward to having one in her lunch today, but not anymore. Today, the bananas were a mottled brown. What the heck happened to them?

Lucy leaned closer and squinted. Quickly, she recoiled. Her once happy yellow bananas were now dotted with tiny black spots.

Lucy wrinkled her nose, ewww fruit flies. No, that can’t be right, Lucy remembered the experiment they did in Science class, and it took at least two days for the fruit flies to appear.

She grabbed the bananas and inspected them closer. She could see that the spots were actually holes. Each banana was covered with a random series of holes.

Lucy was very puzzled, why were there holes in her bananas? Yesterday, the bananas were perfect; could it be some kind of fruit mold?

Oh, oh Lucy’s mom was going to be very mad if the bananas rotted overnight. Lucy just couldn’t believe they went from golden ripe and delicious to squishy brown, and funky in less then ten hours.

Lucy set the banana down and notice crumbs all over the counter. She’d better wipe that up before her mom came into the kitchen, otherwise she might blame Lucy for the mess!

As Lucy started wiping up the crumbs she realized they weren’t crumbs at all, what she‘d thought were crumbs were actually little bits of banana.

Holy cow! The bananas didn’t go bad; they were eaten, right in their skins.

Lucy looked around the kitchen, who would eat a banana in its skin? She’d better go tell her mom.

Part Two

From the underneath the table on the far side of the kitchen, a pair of glittering green eyes watch the girl walk out of the kitchen. After her footsteps have faded, the creature creeps forward and slowly emerges from the shadows.

Right before he enters the light, he pauses. He turns his silky black head checking for any unseen danger. After he is certain no one is coming, he pads the rest of the way into the kitchen.

He pauses in front of the counter, eyes it for a moment, and in one quick movement jumps onto the counter. Once on the counter the cat makes a beeline for the bananas.

He sniffs them once, twice and then quickly sinks his fangs into one. He repeatedly bites the banana, making a series of tiny holes in the surface.

He is so intent on munching that he doesn’t hear the approaching footsteps.

Suddenly there is a loud CLAP! Startled he pulls his fangs free of the banana and jumps. Spinning around he leaps off the counter and zooms towards his hidey-hole under the table.

As he slides into the darkness, he hears Lucy and her mom shout “Bad KITTY.”Lucy races over to the counter, looks at the ruined banana and shouts.

“The cat ate the bananas; I can’t believe the cat ate the bananas”

This is not a work of fiction, this actually happened to me. Pimento loves bananas and given the opportunity would happily eat a whole bunch.

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10 thoughts on “Banana Split Two Ways

  1. Cute story. I love cats. My cats over the years never made a catline for bananas I left on the counter. I did have a girl kitty — Bobby — that loved French fries, though. My last cat, Tessir, would take a candy kiss into the bathroom and knock it around in the bathtub (he never ate them, though).


  2. Are you sure your cat isn’t a goat? If it eats anything and can jump as high as the stars it must be a goat! lol All kidding aside, loved the story and was totally fooled at the end. I expected a rat, since I had to hide all my fruit in Mexico for that same thing (big fruit rats)! On the other side, my dog loves bananas, but since she’s so short she’d never make it to the counter. I love your posts, Jennifer. Keep ’em coming!


  3. Funny! Some cats like odd things. One of my grad school friends had a cat who loved olives, and a cat I had several years ago liked canned mushrooms. I’ve never heard of one eating bananas before though.


  4. I didn’t know cats ate bananas either, Jennifer, or in such a way. Fascnating. The problem in my house is that the kids love bananas, so what seemed like a big bunch is suddelnly not! .


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