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As part of an A-z blog challenge I was asked to base my blog on the letter C. I took some time to 1Coloradoconsider what to write about. I could have written about my trip to Colorado. It was an interesting experience with a Wedding, a Pop up town, blue people, and yes wildlife. No matter where I am I seek out wildlife to photograph.


I also considered blogging about creativity. We all have a creative side and I could talk about mine. The many creative endeavors I approached over the years would make a good blog. I ran a ceramic business, dabbled in stained glass, and sketching and of course I write. However it just seemed natural for me to blog about critters. I photograph them, I write about them, and hang out with them whenever I can.

A critter is defined as being a living creature. I use the word critters a lot to describe my target 2chipmunksubjects when I am photographing. Critters come in a variety of sizes, shapes and temperaments. All of them fascinate me.


Some critters don’t live in areas I have access to so I have to visit them in zoos. While the challenge of finding my subject doesn’t exist in zoos there are other factors like fencing, fellow visitors and angles to contend with. Having a captive subject doesn’t always guarantee great images.


Wild critters are the real challenge for any wildlife photographer. They aren’t acclimated to people and tend to be where they want to be, not always where they are easy to find. Occasionally I get lucky and a critter magically crosses my path.


Most however need to be searched for, then not all of them are co operative. Others love the camera and will hang out with me for quite a while.


Some critters that are commonly seen can be quite difficult to photograph like the cabbage white6cabbage white butterfly. They flutter around and only pause for a brief few seconds. This leaves me with a very small window of opportunity to get them into the frame at desired angle and click the shutter button. Generally it takes several attempts even when I ask them to hold still.


Canada Geese are another critter that is easy to find and photograph. Since they hang out in groups or flocks I can zoom in on one or two and click away.

7canada goose

Larger critters can be easier to photograph, but few of them begin with the letter C. So I will end with one more critter who’s name begins with the letter C. This is a very popular critter who adorns holiday cards, symbolizes relationships, and vitality, and often visits my yard.


Thanks for stopping by and letting me share my thoughts on Critters.

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21 thoughts on “Critters by S. J.

  1. I use an online critique/review group to look at my WIP’s chapters — Online Writers Workshop for Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror. It was started by a major publishing house, but is now run by a group of dedicated copywriters… it’s been around for around 15 years. The reviewers are sometimes called critters, but I don’t think you’d want our photos. A few are quite wild and I know a couple who should probably be in a zoo. A bit of early humor.

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  2. Got the Author photo up and staggered the other photos. So funny to see blue people, did you get their photo? Great blog S. J., photography and animals are both fascinating to me. Thanks for sharing. Good use of the letter C. Thanks. Cher’ley


  3. Great post, SJ — I’m not surprised you chose “critters”, since they are the subject of much of your photography. I, too, enjoying photographing nature and took a few photos in the Arizona desert while I was on vacation. Thanks for sharing your creativity and critters with us!

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  4. You did the letter “C” proud! Interesting post and, as usual, great photos. I am amazed at some of the shots you get. It must take hours ad hours of waiting to get the right shot. I like critters too, but not maybe some of the ones you photograph unless they are in a zoo! lol

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