My Delightful Drive

105182105411111CDPBy Neva Bodin

The letter for today is “D.” And at first, I didn’t have anything decidedly interesting to write about..

Ding, an idea dropped into my mind! I had just gone on a drive! On a delightful day! I would drone on about my daytime drive!

“Desist!” you say. Drats.

For several years I have gazed at two scenes near a highway we travel quite frequently when visiting my youngest daughter’s family. When my hubby drives, the goal becomes getting from point A to point B, and roadside attractions are seen as things to pass.

Alone this particular morning, I drove along the highway, stopping as I wished, backing up when I needed to, and taking side roads I’d never traveled.

I had two attractions in mind to stop at, but the morning grew richer with each mile. I noted the antelope grazing, a common site, on my way out to the first scene, several miles from town. Hawks flew and prairie larks darted about.

I stopped at the approach leading into the object I wanted to photograph. Barbed wire, strung tight above tight woven wire guarded the site. A slouching gate was followed by two more barbed wire fences so wouldn’t gain me an easy entrance either. Dear me.

I satisfied myself with telephoto shots, of a small, leaning building, a testimony to our Wyoming prairie chinooks, and stubbornness.DSCN1983

On my way to my next scene, I spotted a herd of many-colored and types of goats, near a black llama and a white llama! These I had not seen before along this highway. I stopped.

At first the goats ran. As I got out of the car, they stopped to look at me. I snapped several shots then got back in the car to see the white llama lift her head, and with some kind of unspoken signal, the lead goat, evidenced by a red collar and bell around it’s neck, signaled the rest of the band, and they all lined up behind the collared goat as he headed for the llama who turned and lead the procession away from danger. I snapped some quick shots through the car window.DSCN1995

I proceeded to my planned photo shoot—an old abandoned ranch site with a house made out of perhaps large homemade blocks, chinked with plaster. Old abandoned places fascinate me. Who lived there? How many lived and loved in that small dwelling? My mind immediately conjures up a story. I managed to crawl through the barbed wire there, it sagged more. But had to watch my step. Many cows use the old building for shelter from sun and flies in summer.DSCN1997

Now I was about 16 miles from town. On my way back, my mind caught a sign about some red wall to the north. I turned in.

About six miles farther on a rough but paved road, I had not seen any red wall. I did see a bentonite plant near a railroad in the middle of seemingly nowhere, and lots of birds, sage, a huge silver wheel cover off to the side, and prairie. Our area is known for lots of bentonite in the soil. I turned around.

There was my next delightful surprise—wolf or coyote, I’m not sure. All I know is he/she was large, about the size of a large German Shepherd, and all gray, with a healthy coat of fur. The creature wanted to keep checking the ditch (commonly called a barrow here) which was full  of sagebrush and rabbit brush, but with me backing up and driving forward a couple times trying to get its picture, the beleaguered animal went through the fence and took off across the sage. I snapped pictures through the car window, but got only sage and pasture.DSCN2003

My drive ended sitting in a Subway restaurant enjoying the Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki sandwich while I typed this, and smiling about my delightful drive.

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26 thoughts on “My Delightful Drive

  1. Hi there. I am a fellow participant of the 2015 Blogging from A to Z Challenge. I noticed you don’t have the official Challenge badge displayed on your sidebar. You can pick it up from either of the following URLs:

    I hope that helps. I look forward to reading more of your writing during the Challenge.

    Michael Abayomi


  2. Great use of D. I loved your trip. I love doing that too. I think most men like to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. I enjoying our little trip today, but instead I’m trying to catch up on my online projects. Cher’ley


    1. Thanks Cher’ley. I wondered how you get so much done. You must have internet by satelite. It was a very relaxing drive. And full of surprises. Thanks for commenting.


  3. This is part of the A2Z challenge Neva, as you jave figured out has done an excellent job with her letter D.


  4. Neva, those are the best kind of trips. In my opinion, life should be full of such as these. Thank you for sharing your day. Loved it. Doris


  5. Did you do this side trip so you could use “drive” for the A-to-Z Challenge or would you have done it anyway? I always enjoy exploration jaunts; don’t do them enough. When I was a technical writer and doing multi-week trips all over the nation, I’d do weekend getaways with fellow TSI team members. One time we drove in our rental car from southern Arkansas to Houston, Texas, to visit the Manned Spaceflight Center. Another time: New Orleans and the French Quarter. Still another: Vicksburg, Miss., to check out the Civil War Battlefield Park.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That sounds “delightful.” Actually I was on my drive trying to think of a good use of the letter “D”, (coming up with D-Day, Dumb Criminals etc) when it hit me that I was on a “Drive!” Envy your exploration jaunts–would love to do those kinds of things. What an interesting guy you are! Thanks for the comments. And Happy Easter.


    1. Thanks Stephanie. It was a great day, wish you could have been along. Wish I could have had all of you along! It would have been great! It is soul renewing to get out in this vast prairie and see only buttes and sage. Puts things in perspective. Thanks for commenting.


  6. Wonderful post, Neva! I, too, enjoy taking delightful drives. One time, while Greg went skiing with his brother in Colorado, I took time to explore the area where we were visiting (Georgetown, CO) as I had never been there — WOW! such beauty!! I’m glad I took that time to explore a new area and I look forward to more such adventures. Great use of the letter “D”! Hope you have a blessed “E” (Easter)!!


    1. I hope you are having a great Easter too and you are feeling better. I was greatly renewed by that drive and intend to do more of them. That’s why I love Wyoming, plenty of space to go for a peaceful drive to seemingly nowhere that leads to inner peace! Thanks for commenting.


  7. Decidedly D- Neva! I loved the post about your circuitous drive. (I confess I need to research what ‘red wall’ is though remember you writing about bentinite before)


    1. There is a big line of red buttes north of Casper called the Red Wall, where the Hole-in-Wall gangs had their hide out. This was made famous by the Butch Cassidy movie. But I was quite a ways south of that ,but guess if I would have kept going, I would eventually have come to that area. I saw other treasures and just the peace and lack of traffic (I met one ranch truck as I was driving out of the area) made it a relaxing drive. I hope you are having a great Easter! Thanks for commenting.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Thank you for sharing such a special experience with us, Neva. Taking the time to really see what’s around you is exciting. You see wonders you had missed or not stopped to visit. Love the photos and your description of your day out. It sounds like a perfect drive to me!


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