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This post by Jennifer Flaten

In the AtoZ blog challenge I have “H”. So here is How to Catch a Frog:

First, you need a pond, a shallow one surround by high weeds is best. Then you need at least one assistant, in my case I have three.

I have a spotter (my son), a netter (my youngest daughter) and a grabber (my oldest daughter). A dog is optional, and really, he is of no help, mostly he laid in the sun while we angled for amphibians.

This is your target. Page 1 001

He is green, really jumpy and incredibly slippery. If you aren’t careful he will squirt right out of your hand and land on your kid‘s foot. The kid will scream, shake the frog off and run away. The frog will hop smugly away.

We were lucky we had a small park with a big frog filled pond about two blocks from our last house. In the spring and summer, it teemed with frogs of all sizes. For the record, bigger is NOT easier to catch…the bigger the frog, the longer the legs and the farther it can jump.

Every walk, we somehow found ourselves in the park looking for frogs. Sometimes, we had a net along, other times we attempted to catch one bare handed.

The best part was watching three little kids sneak up on the frogs, since an eight year olds idea of quiet could possibly wake up the dead; the frogs heard us coming a mile away. I believe the only frog that stayed on shore were the danger seeking frogs.

Occasionally we would get one. Here is a successful catch:Page 1 006Although, this might be a big fat lazy toad we found at the park 🙂

I believe this frog was caught using the “snatch” technique. One of the kids crept up on him and snatched him before he had a chance to jump. I believe it was my oldest daughter, who is apparently part ninja, because another time she “snatched” a butterfly right off a flower, (no harm done to butterfly we admired him and let him go immediately).

Remember to hold your frog cupped gently in your hand. Page 1 005


After admiring him and taking copious amounts of pictures release him back into the pond so you can try to catch him another day.

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10 thoughts on “How to Catch a Frog

  1. Love this post Jennifer. You always write the cutest posts, be it children, animals or school. Our camper overlooks a lake but there are reeds and great places to catch things right in front of us. I love watching the children catch frogs. Just the process is fun to see, and the shout of triumph when one is captured. What a fun thing for kids to do on a nice day!


  2. Oh the memories, We had a pet toad at one point in my childhood. There was a photo somewhere of the toad on a toy car, the cat next to it and the dog looking on. I was never one to catch them, but did enjoy watching them. Doris


  3. Really enjoyed your post Jennifer. You had me laughing. I love doing things like that and I bet it will be a wonderful memory of family time for your kids. My oldest daughter caught and kissed a toad when she was three. He didn’t turn out to be a prince, but she turned out to be a sort of animal whisperer, with any kind of animal.


  4. We had lots of frogs around the pond where I grew up in Iowa. I loved listening to them croak but never cared for catching them — slimy is NOT me! Fun post and great memory-maker for your family!


  5. What fun. I wish I could have seen those children. The kid conducted himself appropriately–when something green and slippery lands on your foot, the only thing to do is scream and run. Great post.


  6. Funny post, Jennifer. I’m not a fan of catching frogs (or indeed skilled at it) – though I have had to do it occasionally. When I was at ‘School Camp’ with my 11-12 year old pupils years ago, a frog was once put in my bed while I was doing the ‘Goodnight’ rounds . I was meant to scream but since I’m not afraid of the dratted slimy things I had to manufacture a really terrifying one. Naturally my room (having left the door conveniently open) was invaded by the hordes. Was the kid who’d planted it surprised by getting the frog down his PJ top? 🙂 Revenge can be sweet. 🙂


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