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If I Were a Millionaire

“Take a pencil and paper,” the teacher said, “and write an essay with the title ‘If I Were a Millionaire’ “

Everyone but Little Johnny, who leaned back with arms folded, began to write furiously.

“What’s the matter,” the teacher asked. “Why don’t you begin?”

“I’m waiting for my secretary,” he replied.


In the A to Z Challenge I got the letter O. Just like everyone else I thought of several different things, but the first thing that came to mind was Ornery-not pronounced with 3 syllables, but with 2 as in Orn-ree, and Orn-ree was the last O I thought of too, so Ornery it is.

By the way, when I was a child I thought Ornery was a cuss word, every time someone called me Orn-ree, they whispered it.

The Dictionary definition of ORNERY

: easily annoyed or angered

  • I’m getting more and more ornery in my old age.

: difficult to deal with or control

  • an ornery mule

My definition follows these lines.

Ornery: a good-spirited trickster, a cute yet exasperating individual, or someone who is mischievous (with a positive connotation). Many thought of a favorite and sweet wily grandparent or an adorable child who is always pulling April-fools-type tricks.


The Little Rascals were Orn-ree


Kids are just naturally orn-ree and it’s been said that boys are more orn-ree than girls, except maybe for me, I was pretty orn-ree, and to hear my husband tell it, I still am.

If you are looking for some fun tales of orneriness just check out this great book by several authors. “Boys Will be Boys—the joys and terrors of raising boys” will make you laugh until you cry or make you cry until you laugh. It is full of tales about boys, along with some pointers about handling them.

Boys Will Be Boys   The Joys and Terrors of Raising Boys-An Anthology

Here’s a snippet from one of Del Grogg’s stories:

I was already in trouble from Dad. That was partially Bobby’s fault too. I didn’t think of becoming a miner all on my own. As we sat in the hole, Dad passed by us and said, “Fill that in.”

That really made me madder than a hornet whose nest had been torn down and set on fire with kerosene. It had been a lot of work digging that hole, and I wasn’t about to put that dirt back. As soon as Dad was out of earshot I put my little chubby fists on my hips and said, “I’m runding away. You with me?”


There are so many more stories in this fun and fact-filled book, some of them are by Our (another nice O word) very Own Mike Staton and Frank Larnerd.


***So were you Ornery or Orn-ree?***

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21 thoughts on “O is for Ornery by Cher’ley

  1. I go with your definition of ornery, Cherley. My sister Jody definitely considered me ornery when we were growing up in Rialto, California in an earlier, more innocent time. Mom said I broke every one of Jody’s toys. Cherley’s working on an anthology for girls, and I’ve contributed a story about the time I spray painted by sister’s face. That’s pretty ornery, isn’t it?


  2. Really enjoyed this post Cherley. Loved the opening and especially the video. Sure brings back memories. I’ve always heard the word ornery as in “two ornery mules” but of course there are many other conotations. I can definitely relate to the word because I have an “ornery” little dog who gets her way most of the time. I’ve been taking her to obedience training and if she feels she wants to participate, she does. The rest of the time she is an ornery little Shih Tzu and refuses to do anything I ask of her, even though she knows perfectly what’s expected of her. Come to think of it, I may be a little ornery too! Thanks for this fun post!


    1. Linda, I have a Cairin Terrior who should have had obedience training, but didn’t. She’s ornery in the other sense of the word. She’s good, except if she decides to run off, she looks like a little grey bullet and no amount of yelling at her will stop her. Lol. Hope she gets you trained well. Cher’ley


  3. I was ornery in the second grade. My little brother had just been born, and they said I was jealous. I knocked chairs over and at one point, I tossed a figurine of the Christ child across the room. After several spankings, though, I calmed down.


  4. Those onr-ree are great characters. I don’t know that I fit that description, but I was sure stubborn. Of course, I only ever got a talkin’ to,(Grin). Thanks for the memories. Doris


    1. SJ, my last name was Dickens, so I would hear orneryier than the Dickens. Lol Or he’s an ornery little cuss, was pretty often spoke as well. Cher’ley


  5. Fun post, Cher’ley, and I like how you tied your letter O into your boys’ anthology. I heard the word ” ornery” now and then as I was growing up, but it’s not a word I would use to describe myself as a child — if I was ornery, dad would have taken a switch to my behind and mom would have used the ping-pong paddle: ornery was not something my parents accepted in their child’s behavior!


  6. Ornery is such a fabulous sounding word, Cher’ley. It isn’t a word that’s used much in Scotland, though most would have heard of it. Thrawn would be a good general Scots equivalent and there was many a thrawn moment in every kid’s life, I’m sure. 😉


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