Parsley and the Pallet Project

105182105411111CDPby Neva Bodin

Today’s letter is “P”. And being a nurse, well…you know where my first thoughts of what to blog about went! But, to everyone’s relief I’m sure, I realized I had to deal with something else today that started with P—parsley!

In the morning we are invited to breakfast in a newly remodeled kitchen, courtesy of folks who have coffee each Saturday morning at the table next to us in our favorite coffee shop.

Fifteen years ago my husband and I established a routine of going out to coffee each Saturday morning I wasn’t working. We noticed another couple there each time. Then the coffee shop closed—a victim of street renovations that made it near impossible to get to her little place.

We searched and found another coffee shop, the same one as the other couple. We began saying “Hi.” Their group grew, and we always sat at a table next to theirs. We made friends of other regulars, and traded greetings and information between tables. Basically, a group of about 12-14 people now converse, trade greetings and are pleased to see each other in the same coffee shop each Saturday morning.

That leads to my letter, er subject, for today—parsley! I wanted to bring something to the breakfast, I was told not to. What to do then?

I have another project I am working on for our local artists guild, of which I am membership chair. It’s called the pallet project. (How perfect, that also starts with “p”!) On May 29th, as a fundraiser and to celebrate our move into a new location, an old fruit warehouse in town that will give us great space and possibilities, we will have a pallet auction among other things. Members are asked to turn part or pieces of pallets into art. (Lots of “p’s!)

My pallet project is started. I will add a butterfly, some greenery, and whatever else seems prudent!

I had seen a guy on TV nail three tin cans to a pallet, fill them with herbs, and write the name of the herb on the board. Crude, but the genesis of my idea. So, I had my husband screw two cans to a small pallet, and I bought two different herbs to fill them with, and I am painting pictures around them on the wood. Then I realized this would be on display all of May and part of April, and maybe no one would water them, or over water them and ruin the wood, my art, etc. So I went to Hobby Lobby and bought fake greenery to put in the cans. But, now I had two pots of herbs I didn’t really want. One was parsley.

Finally the synapses in my brain signaled each other and a pot of parsley as a kitchen warming gift for tomorrow’s breakfast seemed prudent! Perfect, no?

Parsley in a pot for breakfast thank you.

I bought a pot that said “Parsley” to put the herb in. Too small. Another trip to a garden center today netted a small metal pail with a piece of blackboard material attached. Just the right size, I repotted the parsley prize and wrote “parsley” on the pot with green chalk.

Now I’ve “killed two birds with one stone” so to speak, although I would never do that. But my blogging subject and breakfast gift are done! I am pleased!


16 thoughts on “Parsley and the Pallet Project

  1. Neva, isn’t is amazing how our brains work. I love the art project and the pot of parsley, perfect. What a fun idea. Thank you. Doris


    1. Thanks Doris. It is amazing WHEN my brain works sometimes! I love doing the art project but painting on bare wood is a bit daunting. Can’t change it easily! The breakfast and parsley gift were a success this morning! Thanks for commenting.


    1. Thanks, that did work out quite timely, although after my brain got going, a lot of topics starting with “p” popped into my mind. This has been a fun exercise. Thanks for the comments!


    1. Thanks Mike! The gift seemed a success as was touring the newly done kitchen and great breakfast we enjoyed this morning. The hostess just sent me a pic of the parsley on her new counter. And silly me, I didn’t even think about the pallet project starting with “p’s” until I included it in my blog! Too obvious. Thanks for the comments!


    1. Thanks Cherley, When I started I was all ready to drone on about the healthy part of parsley, etc. but as I began my story, there wasn’t room! And I realize everyone would recognize parsley and its benefits, even though many leave it on the dinner plate at the restaurant, and I eat it. I don’t know if all realize the breath refreshing property of it though! I just like the taste of it. But giving me the letter “p” worked out perfectly for me!


  2. Neva, you outdid yourself! You used the letter “P” well ended up with more “P’s” than you thought! What a nice story about your coffee friends. Sometimes we find friends in the oddest places, strike up a conversation, and become buddies for life. I love the pallet idea for your group and I’m sure there will be several different interpretations of the project. I love the idea you had for the pallet. By the way, I love to use fresh parsley in cooking. We plant it every summer at the lake.


  3. Not just your breakfast gift, but also your art project, done like “two peas in a pod!” Fun post, Neva — I hope to be able to see those art projects at the new Art Guild locale next month!


  4. Neva- it’s ingenius!…and I love all of your links. That’s really nice that you got to know the other couple and friends via your cafe visits. I’ve seen some very cool uses for pallets on FAcebook and you’ll find some great Pinterest boards about using pallets- a few similar to your herb planter wall.


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