Twins or I’ll have a double

This post by Jennifer Flaten

For the A-Z blog challenge I have the letter T.

After learning that I was pregnant, my husband and I went shopping at the local baby superstore. As we surveyed the overwhelming selection of strollers, my husband spotted a snazzy double stroller. He pointed it out to me and  remarked that it would be awesome to have twins. I, feeling rather overwhelmed at the thought of one baby, let alone two didn’t echo that feeling.

Fast forward to my 16 week ultra sound. There I am on the exam table, with my husband sitting in a chair directly across from me. The doctor had just located the fetus and he paused for a moment. With a solemn voice he told me that he had  some news for us.

Now, I am a natural worrier and the first thought I had was that something was wrong with the baby.

As I braced myself for bad news, the doctor gleefully announced that I was having twins. The words weren’t sinking in for me, my husband, on the other hand was practically doubled over in laughter. I glared at him and told him this was all his fault.

When you have twins you get two of everything that babies will need. Oh, what fun it is to get two teenise little outfits, or two adorable stuffed rabbits.

What you don’t realize is you will need two of everything FOREVER. That’s two sets of shots at the doctor’s office. That’s two kids with -insert the virus of the week the kids picked up from daycare-.

So far, I’ve bought  two scooters, two bikes, two school registrations. After awhile you just automatically double whatever it is that you are buying. One kid needs a new sweatshirt, eh might as well get two.

Thinking ahead that is TWO teen drivers, TWO graduations, TWO college applications….omg!

Not that I’m complaining its been two times the hugs, two times the love and two times the fun.

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10 Responses to Twins or I’ll have a double

  1. Mike Staton says:

    Weird but I just saw a post on FB today about a woman with severe headaches who thought she had a tumor. Turned out it was likely the remains of a twin, teeth and all. In her brain? Now that’s strange in Twilight Zone strange. My fraternal grandmother, who lived to be 99, was a twin. Nan’s sister Hortense lived into her late 80s. One time while visiting Hortense’s daughter Gloria we looked at a photo from the early 1920s. There must have been five or six of us there, and no one could decide if the woman in the photo was Nan or Hortense.


  2. Caring for one child, especially as a new parent, can be overwhelming. I can’t imagine how parents manage multiple births. I’m glad that it turned out well for you.


  3. Neva Bodin says:

    I thought I wanted twins my first time around, until I actually had one full time baby and realized what that would have been like. But you are right, double the joy and double the trouble maybe! My husband had sisters who were identical twins and their mother had many tales of how they got in trouble together. Sounds like you do great with yours and adjusted well. Double the blessings.


  4. Doris says:

    Friend had twins and she echoes your same thoughts. Fun post. Doris


  5. Wranglers says:

    Neva, I thought the same thing. LOL. My grandson and his wife may have twins, we will find out for sure in May. Cher’ley


  6. Nancy Jardine says:

    Looking after my own daughters, who were born 18 months apart, at times seemed like having twins since the second did everything at warp speed and grew so quickly (having been born at 9lbs and 13 days over date). I ferried them around on local buses, popping them into a double ‘buggy’/ stroller and that was hard work. I totally applaud parents of twins because every little upset probably affects the other – which isn’t necessarily the case for siblings! Your twins are a great credit to you, Jennifer!


  7. Nice post Jennifer. When I had my daughter the doctor thought I might be having twins. I didn’t but she weighed 11.9 oz! It must have been funny that your husband had mentioned it previously and it happened! I’m sure it’s been a lot of work, but also a lot of enjoyment. You are blessed!


  8. Lovely post, Jennifer! I work at a medical clinic and it’s beautiful to see twins on an ultrasound — two little heartbeats speak to such amazing wonder in life!


  9. sstamm625 says:

    Double the pleasure, double the fun! 🙂


  10. S. J. Brown says:

    I image there are a few advantages to having twins. I bet you never hear I don’t have anyone to play with. Enjoy them while they are young.


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