Z is for Zorro by Abbie

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Today, the last day of the Blog A-Z Challenge, is also Poem in Your Pocket Day so here’s a poem for your pocket. This was inspired by a song from a movie that was released in the late 1990’s, but I didn’t hear of the song or the movie until 2005 after my late husband Bill proposed to me. He was living in Fowler, Colorado, at the time, and I was here in Sheridan, Wyoming. We met through a magazine, and after a long-distance friendship during which we communicated regularly by e-mail and phone and met face to face twice, he sent me a letter, out of the blue, asking me to marry him. This was in January.

A month later, he sent me a Valentine care package that included, among other things, a cassette tape of love songs he downloaded from the Internet. One of these was “I Want to Spend My Lifetime Loving You” from The Mask of Zorro. It became one of our songs. Even now, after caring for him at home for six years when he was paralyzed by two strokes and after I lost him two years ago, I still marvel that a man wanted to spend his lifetime loving me. To hear this song, go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yo4AWDELNiY .


image of zorro  - Young man in carnival coat isolated on white - JPG THE RISE AND FALL OF MY ZORRO


With cape, hat, mask, rapier,

he rode out of the darkness.

“Take my hand. Dance with me,” he said,

“I want to spend my lifetime loving you,”

but happily-ever-after was not to be.

My hero fell and rose many times.

I felt the glory

until he fell for the last time.

Where there’s love, life begins again.

When life dies, love goes on.


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10 thoughts on “Z is for Zorro by Abbie

  1. I’m stopping by from the A to Z Challenge and just wanted to let you know about our party. The A to Z Reflections Linky List will open on Monday May 4th, and you’re more than welcome to join. 🙂

    Congrats on finishing the challenge! And thanks for sharing such a lovely poem.

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  2. Thanks to all who commented so far. I’m glad you all liked the poem. I never saw the movie, The Mask of Zorro, but considered watching it in the hope of gaining some idea as to the direction I wanted to take with the poem, but I realized the poem isn’t about the movie. It’s about our story, and it just happened to be inspired by the song from the movie.


  3. It’s a heartfelt poem that says all he meant to you, Abbie. I think I have seen the Zorro version you’re talking about but I don’t remember much about the very earliest Zorro production. Your right that the poem is more about people like you and your late husband and less about the film.

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