Relationships Make the World Go ‘Round

105182105411111CDPby Neva Bodin

I have heard that “love makes the world go ‘round.” But, I beg to defer. While not sounding as musical or fanciful, I believe relationships make the world go around.

“We spend at least twelve years in school preparing for a career, how much time do we spend preparing for a relationship?” asks

But, as writers, I think we are a group of people who recognize the importance of relationships. Without them, where would our story be? Unless we are writing an essay or fact sheet on an inorganic substance perhaps, we need all the nuances of a relationship to move the story along. And even then, we won’t read it unless we can see a possible relationship to us, i.e. relate to something in the story.

Google defines relationship as, “the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected.” And we all know disconnection in a relationship is what makes a story go ‘round!

There are mother and kid relationships.

A newspaper article about the merits of saving the wolves, or fracking to suck more oil out of the ground, (frequent topics in our part of the world), usually includes opposing quotes or opinions about these subjects in order to show conflicting relationships between the wolves and ranchers, or ranchers and animal rights people, the economy and the environment, etc.

Relationship may occur between people, people and animals, mathematical figures, or inanimate objects even. In the movie Cast Away, there is a relationship between a volleyball and a character stranded on a deserted island, proving, in order to survive emotionally, a relationship is needed. You can watch the trailer at

There are tons of articles and books about how to improve relationships, or have a good relationship. So why are there so many divorces? Wars? Domestic violence situations? Suicides? Weddings? Anniversary celebrations? Why is Valentine’s Day so popular? And religious holidays, which emphasize a relationship with a spiritual deity? The soap operas are all about relationships.

There are relationships between animals and people such as my granddaughter and Pipsqueak.

We were created for relationship I believe.

Most of what makes us tick is all about relationship. And we read stories because we want to see how other people’s relationships are handled. We learn by reading these examples.

And therein, I believe, lies the burden of the story teller, or at least my burden as a story teller. How do I make my story interesting, or riveting, and yet convey an insight or truth a reader might discover for the first time through my writing? And with this newfound insight or truth, how can the reader improve his or her relationship with someone? Perhaps even themselves.

Conflict is glue between a reader and a story. But in order to have conflict, there must first be a relationship. Or we utter, “Whatever!”

Ergo: Relationships make the world go ‘round.


17 thoughts on “Relationships Make the World Go ‘Round

    1. I have been sick and didn’t get to computer for a few days so am slow in responding but I appreciate that I gave you a nice song and hope it doesn’t drive you crazy! Thanks for reading Abbie.


  1. Neva, I agree. Relationships do make for good reading and an interesting life. We also have the relationship with ourselves. Each time we interact with ourselves, someone or something, there is a change. And change is what keept our world turning. Really enjoyed this one. Doris


    1. THanks Doris. I am out of state attending to my sister’s affairs and got sick so am slow to respond but really appreciate your comments! And yes, I don’t think we realize enough that how we treat ourselves is an important relationship.


  2. I LOVE the pictures in this post, Neva! Those baby goats are ADORABLE! I enjoyed the writing too–and agree about the importance of relationships in writing and life. 😉


  3. So profound and true. We read for the relationship. We live for the relationship. God created us for the relationship. As authors we need to share a deep relationship, as you said, it could be with a volleyball, (I loved that show) but it needs to be profound. Cher’ley


    1. Thanks Cher’ley. I have been sick so was unable to check email a few days but appreciate your comments. Yes, deep relationships are what pull us into a story I think. And even with a volleyball, that was a deep relationship wasn’t it?

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Great post Neva. Relationships are so important. Loved the movie Castaway and the relationship Tom Hanks had with the basketball. I think we should look at each of our relationships as treasures and take good care of them.


    1. I agree. Most decisions are made because of relationships, even political ones which should be based more on facts and common sense! Our good relationships definitely are treasures and need to be nurtured. Thanks for the comments.


  5. Great post, Neva! I am thankful for positive relationships in my life and even the not-so-positive have been important for my growth. Yes, relationships are important in story-telling as well and the interactions can keep me turning the pages … or not. Your post is a great reminder to us all!


    1. Thanks for the comments! I have to stop to think what a bad relationship teaches me, but I know it does and need to be thankful for them too. And you are good in emphasizing the relationships between people and animals and how important they are.


  6. Thoughtful post, Neva. I’ve always enjoyed reading science fiction, especially in my younger years. I did notice one major weakness of those early SF writers. They were terrible at portraying romantic relationships. They loved to write about future technology and its impact on their characters, but when it came to romance they glossed over it.


    1. That’s a good observation Mike. Romance really sells these days, I think because there are so many broken relationships and we need to lose ourselves in someone else’s relationship that turns out right! But I hadn’t thought of the technology/romance balance. Thanks for the comments!

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