Changing Landscape

TJennifer150x150This post by Jennifer Flaten

We have road construction going on in our neighborhood. The city is putting in new sewers, gutters and sidewalks. This means that all our mature trees, some of them close to 30 years old, were slated for removal to make way for the sidewalks.

I’ve been dreading the day the trees would come down. Yesterday, was the day. My husband left home at 7:30 to drop us off at work and school and by the time he arrived back home at 8:15am two trees were already down and in the chipper.

The crew is working with astonishing efficiency clearing over ¾ of the neighborhood in a matter of hours. When I arrived home, even knowing that the trees were gone, really didn’t prepare me for how bare it looks in our yard, and the really, the whole neighborhood.

We’ve only been in this neighborhood for 3 years, I can’t imagine what it’s like for some of our neighbors, who may very well have planted those 30+ year old trees.

As an avid gardener I’ve spent three years working with my shady front yard. Now, suddenly I have a full sun yard. Luckily, I never got that full shade garden in, let’s hear it for procrastination.IMG_20150414_202207

After my initial unhappiness with the loss of the trees, I started to look forward to the change in the front yard. Imagine all the wonderful things I can do with this new landscape! Of course, many of my dream landscape ideas far out strip my current budget, but I can dream.

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5 thoughts on “Changing Landscape

  1. Being a walker, I appreciate a good sidewalk but hate the thought of beautiful, live trees being cut down to accommodate a larger sidewalk. Oh well, I guess we can’t have everything, can we?


  2. Change, no matter what the reason, can be a curse or a gift, depending on how we view it. Best on the ‘new’ landscape plans. Doris


  3. I really like this post Jennifer. We all have the power to change negatives into positives. You have done just that. Sad to see the beautiful trees gone, but I’ll bet your sunny flowers will help make up for the loss!


  4. This year I have a entirely new yard to landscape. Unfortunately the last time anyone really cared for the yard was about 20 years ago. This means there is a lot of work to do. I started at the clearance section of the local home improvement store. I also recently discovered a gardening exchange group. Lots of great information and they share plants with one another. Have fun creating your new garden space.


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