High School Reunion Countdown

CindyCarrollEFor some people high school was something they had to endure and couldn’t wait to escape from. For me it was one of the best five years of my life. Yes, in Canada when I was going to high school we had a grade 13.

High school was when I had my first date, my first boyfriend (not the same person), my first kiss, my first (of many) crushes, learned how to drive. It was full of teenage angst arguing over boys, balancing studies and going out with my friends. A few scandals swept through my group of friends that would hardly be of any notice today. I remember studying in the caf. Tutoring some of my friends before exams because I was the nerd of the group and had high enough marks that I didn’t have to write the finals for most subjects. You’d think that would be great. Early start of summer vacation. Except I was the only one who didn’t have to be at school. All my friends had to write finals so I hung out in the cafeteria to chat in between their exams.10393896_10152651288277005_2833314707199166070_n

I made many friends in high school and with Facebook I can keep in touch with them. I’m friends with a few people from the old gang. One of the guys I had a crush on. The guy I had my first date with. I was friends with my first boyfriend but I think his wife made him unfriend me.

In high school I learned more than the classics and how to dissect a frog. I learned that some of the most embarrassing things in your life you can look back at and laugh at later. Many, many years later. I learned I wasn’t the type to follow people blindly because they were popular. I learned people respect you (and apologize when they’re wrong) when you stand up for yourself.

High school was when I decided I wanted to be a writer.

10426334_10152690742222005_2948935204558340395_nMy high school is having its 50th anniversary reunion May 11 – 14, 2016. I can’t wait to attend and see old friends. Find out what the old gang is doing now. Hopefully some of our more famous alumni will show up.

Name dropping alert!

Check out the Wikipedia page to see who some of our famous alumni are.  I wonder how long it will take for me to be listed there. 🙂 I thought people were pulling my leg when they said Kiefer Sutherland went there the year before I got there. But according to Wikipedia it’s true. Now, I know you can’t believe everything Wikipedia says but I had enough people tell me the Kiefer Sutherland story to think it’s true. And it is on his IMDB page. I know for a fact that a few of the other alumni listed on the Wikipedia page are true because I went to school with them. They were a year or two ahead of me. Can you guess who they are?

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12 thoughts on “High School Reunion Countdown

  1. Got the computer troubles solved, eh? Fun topic. I can’t think of any super popular celebrities from my HS. A few college athletes, but no pros as far as I know. At one time, a graduate worked for NASA, which I think is neat. We do have one singer who continues to perform live… Liz Pennock of Liz Pennock & Dr. Blues, a Florida-based duo.


  2. I enjoyed high school, but when I left, I left. I confess I haven’t been back once. Maybe someday. But I was the exception. I still have some fun memories. Enjoy your time and create new memories. Doris


  3. Sounds like the reunion plans brought a lot of old memories forth for you. Fun to think back to those days and you were one of the lucky ones if you really enjoyed high school. That is such a time of change for everyone. Good for you. An enjoyable read.


  4. I hope you get to dance with Kiefer Sutherland! Or your first boyfriend. Hopefully his wife will understand.

    It’s crazy that I’ve never been to a reunion for my school. It always seems like something comes up. Looking back, I’ve always felt like I’m such a different person that I wouldn’t enjoy it, but I’ve decided that’s just pretentiousness on my part. You’ve inspired me to go to my next reunion!


  5. When I was in high school, my dad took me to the prom because no other boy asked me, and although I had my sites set on a particular boy, and Dad promised to loan the boy his station wagon to drive me, I never worked up the courage to ask him.

    Naturally, when it came time for my first two reunions, since I still didn’t have a boy friend, Dad accompanied me to those as well. I knew this made him uneasy so I went with him to one of his class reunions after my mother died and had a great time. Now, I’m not even sure my class is having reunions.


  6. I’m not sure my school had anyone really famous (like a film star) but I have kept contact with a bunch of my high school friends and we still meet up every now and then. They are famous to me! 🙂 I hope you enjoy the experience.


  7. Enjoyed the post Cindy. I’ve never been to one of my school reunions, mostly because I’ve usually lived quite a distance away. From your Professional Photo to the ones of you in school, I can hardly believe you are going to your 50th! You look much younger than that. Enjoy the event. How exciting to know you went to the same school as the famous alumni listed in the Wikipedia article. I’ve met a few famous people, but none of them went to school with me. Of course, I came from a little hick town with a graduating class of 32!


  8. Cindy, the 50th anniversary has to be of the school, not your class. You can’t be that old. Anyway, high school was mostly a good experience for me but there are some embarrassing memories that pop up now and then. Enjoy your time with your friends.


  9. I haven’t been back, but like many on here, I have connected with a few. Very few. LOL Glad you are going. I’m thinking the same thing as Erin. You can’t be old enough to be having a 50th reunion. LOL Cher’ley


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