Bad Decisions

This post by Jennifer Flaten


Let’s just call this when animals make bad decisions. Last night we took the dog on a nice long walk. After the walk, she was clearly ever so tired. Normally, she stretches out on our bed or *gasp* the floor, but not last night. No last night she decided to stretch out on the back of the couch. And, why not? The couch is new, the pillows are plushy and she could sink right into the cushions and fall deeply asleep.IMG_0055


So deeply asleep that several hours later she twitched, or tried to adjust her position and promptly, and with more that a little THUMP, fell onto the couch cushions. The noise alone scared me, and then she laid there for a moment not even moving, thus ensuring I was well and truly terrified.


Now lets move onto bad decision number two. Some time in the middle of the night, oh say around 2a, the cat decided he was ever so hungry and simply couldn’t wait until morning feeding time. He got up and ambled into the kitchen where he scarfed down an enormous amount of food, but alas, by the time he returned to his position ON ME in my bed his tummy wasn’t feeling so good. Well, there is only one way to fix that…..yep, right on my brand new comforter….just a few inches to the left and he would’ve hit the dog and just a few inches from that was me. So really, the comforter is fine.


If you are keeping count, we are now up to bad decision number three. This decision is the worst of the worst.


This morning-so very early-two of the cats decided it would be a good idea to check on the Betta fish, and by check I mean attempt to dislodge from his bowl.


The succeed but not in some super sneaky, ninja cat way where the fish just mysteriously disappears from the bowl. Have you ever heard 5 gallons of water, gravel fish and fish accessories hit the floor? Well, I did at 5:30.


The poor Betta rode the water slide from the counter to the floor. Water sluiced across the entire bathroom floor, because apparently the floor isn’t level!! The whole bathroom smells like the ocean. On the plus side, I mopped the bathroom floor this am before work.


Everyone pitched in to rescue the Betta and he is alive (I am thinking of calling him Terminator Fish, because nothing, apparently kills him).


Here’s hoping the cats & dog make better decisions tomorrow.


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10 thoughts on “Bad Decisions

  1. I’ve had cats that launched insurrections. I’d spent hours and hours placing 35 years worth of baseball cards on the living room floor, dividing them into stacks by team, only to have my cat Blue Boy dive into them thinking they’d be fun to play with. Another time he climbed an indoor tree and knocked it over, spreading dirt all over the carpet.


  2. Sounds like my former cats! They liked to leave hairballs where I was most likely to step in them first thing in the morning with bare feet. Your post brought back many memories, about which I can laugh now–mainly because I don’t have the cats anymore!


  3. Gotta love pets. They can rob you of sleep just like children. I’m glad the Beta Fish escaped the grim reaper. Dogs are so much fun to watch and cuddle with, but cats have got to be the winner in the entertainment category. We had a cat once (and a bat in our cabin). The cat saw the bat, ran up to the loft and jumped at the wall to get the bat, instead, falling and swinging on a chandelier. Before we could get underneath to catch him he jumped to the floor, none the worse for wear. BTY we were able to get rid of the bat without the cat’s help. We had quite a laugh after the incident, though.


  4. Like Joe, I have to two-step around hairballs frequently and then clean them up and just today I didn’t get “old dog” out the back door in time before he “gifted” me with a partly-digested meal. I’ve been sleep-deprived a lot this week due to pets — but that’s just part of life with animals (or kids, and these are my kids, that’s for sure!). Hope the weekend has been better for all in your family.


  5. Wow! What an eventful night. This post makes me smile, Jennifer, but i also feel glad not to have pets. I only have 2 resident grandchilden who make some ‘bad decisions’…


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