Up On the Roof

Steph_2_cropped. jpgBy Stephanie Stamm

One of the perks of moving to Atlanta is getting to reconnect with my dear friend and fellow Writing Wranglers and Warriors blogger Erin Farwell. When I had dinner with her and her family last weekend, she asked me if anything in particular has struck me as different about Atlanta. Two things came to mind: the multiple skylines and all the trees.

I lived in Chicago for ten years, so when I think skylines, I generally picture Chicago’s distinctive one. Atlanta, in contrast, has three: the Buckhead skyline, the Midtown skyline, and the Downtown skyline. Atlanta feels like multiple small cities merged into one large one.

Part of the Buckhead skyline
Midtown and, in the distance, Downtown

Surrounding these high rise areas are residential areas, filled with single family homes—and trees. Lots and lots of trees. I live on Peachtree, the main north-south artery that runs from Buckhead to Downtown. But to either side of this busy, busy street lie lovely, tree-filled, residential neighborhoods that provide pleasant walking paths. I didn’t know it was possible for a city to be so green. It’s like the best of both worlds, all the benefits of urban living, still surrounded by nature.


I grew up on a farm, and though I have become a city girl, I need to have some nature in my life. When I lived in Chicago, the lake shore provided a kind of refuge for me, a place to reconnect with nature, when I needed to escape the feeling of being bounded by concrete and asphalt. In Atlanta, I don’t feel so hemmed in, because of all those trees. Even if I’m stuck in traffic—unless that’s on I-285, I-75, or GA 400—the view out the windows is usually pleasant.

Stone Mountain in the distance
Stone Mountain on the horizon

And another great thing: I can see the skylines and the tree canopy from the roof of my building. The pictures throughout this post were taken up there. So, if this old world does start getting me down, I guess I know where to go. 🙂


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20 thoughts on “Up On the Roof

  1. I love that song. I live in West Virginia, which is basically all trees with some towns thrown in, so I really don’t know if I could live in a big city without nature around all the time. Your picture of Atlanta makes it sound possible, though. Thanks for sharing your new city with us!

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  2. What a great way to live in the city. Trees and nature, you are lucky. While I don’t have trees, I sit on the base of Pikes Peak, so I get to take in the view from any window and pretty much anywhere I travel in town. It does help refresh a person, to be close to nature.And I love that song also. Thanks for the great ‘views’ of Atlanta.Doris

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  3. Sounds like you are “blooming where you are planted”! How nice that you are enjoying the scenery, and find it exciting. I also am glad you are enjoying your new place. You make Atlanta sound like a great place to visit. I am basically a country girl living in a city now myself, so really miss the wide open vista and try to find the positives where I’m at. Thanks for sharing the pictures and comments, I have never been to Atlanta.

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  4. Beautiful photos, and I love that song. I have been on Peachtree, and a few other streets, but not many. My visits to Atlanta are limited, my husband doesn’t like spending time in big cities. When we lived in Wichita Falls, TX–I got really depressed. My darling husband knew what to do, he took me to the lake where there was plenty of water and trees too. I hope you do enjoy your new home. Nine days and counting until my move. Glad you got to spend time with Erin. I hope someday to make it to Atlanta to see you both. Cher’ley

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    1. Nine days! Good luck with your move, Cher’ley. I hope you get settled in to your new place quickly and love it there. It would be great to get to meet you in person someday.


  5. I’ve lived in small towns, mid-sized cities and now a fairly large one with a Disneyesque skyline in Las Vegas. It’s amazing the way American cities have grown over the last 150 years. Being a Civil War re-enactor back in 1970s, I find that when I read about Atlanta, I often think of Sherman’s order to burn the city including its railroad yards. It’s kind of like the rebirth of German cities after the World War II strategic bombing raids by American and English bombers.

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  6. The trees there look amazingly green and it’s great to have both city and urban around you. It sounds like your new situation is well chosen, Stephanie. I haven’t played him for a while but I used to like J T a lot years ago when I was teachign and when I wanted that ‘feel good’ factor of an evening . 😉 Sadly the uplaoder above won’t play in ‘this country- i.e.Scotland’ and I can’t listen right now. Fear not though- Youtube is quicker than finding my CDS from converted tapes and vinyl.;-)

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  7. Very interesting post Stephanie. How two cities can be worlds apart must be exciting for you, to have been in the one and now enjoying the difference of the one you live in now. Glad you got to meet with Erin. So much fun to talk books, isn’t it? All the best in your new home.

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  8. I’ve never been to Atlanta but have looked at the map as my husband and I have twice “plotted” to drive through there considering visiting my family in Mississippi and his in North Carolina; so perhaps one day we will be visiting your (and Erin’s) fair city. Happy new chapter and new home, Stephanie!


  9. I could never image myself living in a place without trees. At our previous home we planted a few new trees each year. Just yesterday I added a new tree to the new yard. The first of many I am sure. Relax and enjoy your view.


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