Carpe Diem

This post by Jennifer Flaten

Opportunity knocked and I answered the door.

A few weeks ago, a local art fair put a call out for vendors for an upcoming show, it seems they were a few vendors short. I submitted my information and the showrunner told me she liked my stuff, but they already had a couple of jewelry vendors. She did say I would be on the list for next year and she offered to put me on the waitlist for this year. It was one of the nicer blow offs I’ve ever received.

Since I figured that I would never get off the waitlist,  I didn’t give it another thought. Then on Monday I got an email telling me I am at the top of the list and am I still interested in  participating.

I typed yes in my reply email and then spent 20 minutes staring at it trying to decide if I should hit send. I finally did. I felt excited.

Then I felt terror because the show is this Saturday and it is my first show EVER.

So, now I am feeling woefully under prepared for my first show. Not only do I need product to sell, which I have but is it enough and more importantly will people like it enough to buy it? Not to mention,  I need a table, a tent, and all those odds and ends that go along with selling something–like a cash box with money in it to make change! Eek.

Lucky for me I have three eager assistants to help me set up and run the booth. Well, they are eager, not but lets see how eager they are after a few hours stfile000548968823anding in a booth.

I have a feeling I might have to ply the kids with snacks to keep them from mutinying I imagine it will go something like this: we sell $100 worth of stuff but we eat $300 worth of snacks.

I keep focusing on the fact that this is my first show, and it is supposed to be a learning experience.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

My jewelry is available on Etsy and on Dragon and Butterfly Design



10 thoughts on “Carpe Diem

  1. Gosh, it’s been many a year since my first show. I still get nervous, but they always turn out well. Take your crocheting too or make jewelry on the spot. People love to watch craft. And you’ll hear that everyone has an aunt, grandma, sister, cousin or someone who does just what you do. LOL Just relax and enjoy it. I don’t know if I have ever made enough to warrant paying for the space, but I have had follow ups from each show that have paid off. I hope you have business cards. If not–print out your name, phone number etc. on a paper to cut and have available. Just make do. A purse makes a fine cash box. I just have a zip bag from the bank that I use. Department store bags are fine to start with. If I can answer any questions for you I will, if I can. Cher’ley


  2. Good luck with the show. When a reporter, I covered a few art shows and festivals where arts and crafts are for sale, including jewelry. Always enjoyed perusing the tents and displays.


  3. Jennifer- I was nervous selling at my first craft fair but it passed quickly. Sadly, I do tend to have the situation where the price of the excellent craft gifts I buy for other people vastly outstrips the amount I receive for selling a few books! The trick is to be self disciplined (ha! wish I could put my mouth where my money is. 😉 )


  4. Since I’m late commenting I hope the show was everything you had hoped, Erin. As you said, you have to take the opportunities you are given or wonder if you might have missed something wonderful that could have happened in your life. Good luck with your jewlery and knitting. You are so talented!


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