This post by Jennifer Flaten


Wheeee! It’s summer vacation. Is it unseemly that I am just as happy as my kids that it’s summer vacation? I love summer vacation. I enjoy spending time with my kids…although now that they are teenagers/pre-teens perhaps they are less enthused to spend time with me.


I also like how summer just seems to be less rushed. During school I have multiple alarms on my phone. One alarm to wake up, then an alarm that tells us when to leave for work/school and multiple alarms to remind me when to leave work, so I can pick up the kids on time. Basically, my phone tells me where to go and when to go.


For a few weeks last winter I had to pick a kid up at 3,4 & 5. I am truly amazed I didn’t forget anyone…although I had one near miss. After spending 6 weeks picking one kid up from the middle school after drama, I automatically drove over there to pick up my other kid from forensics…..except forensics is at the high school D’oh! Luckily, the schools are only a mile apart and I still arrived on time.

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