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Wheeee! It’s summer vacation. Is it unseemly that I am just as happy as my kids that it’s summer vacation? I love summer vacation. I enjoy spending time with my kids…although now that they are teenagers/pre-teens perhaps they are less enthused to spend time with me.


I also like how summer just seems to be less rushed. During school I have multiple alarms on my phone. One alarm to wake up, then an alarm that tells us when to leave for work/school and multiple alarms to remind me when to leave work, so I can pick up the kids on time. Basically, my phone tells me where to go and when to go.


For a few weeks last winter I had to pick a kid up at 3,4 & 5. I am truly amazed I didn’t forget anyone…although I had one near miss. After spending 6 weeks picking one kid up from the middle school after drama, I automatically drove over there to pick up my other kid from forensics…..except forensics is at the high school D’oh! Luckily, the schools are only a mile apart and I still arrived on time.

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11 Responses to Summertime

  1. I’m sure it’ll be nice not to have so many obligations.


  2. Neva Bodin says:

    So fun to hear that you like spending time with your kids. And hopefully the kids are glad to be home too. A friend scheduled her kid for so many activities in the summer he finally asked when he got to just be himself. My fondest memories of summer are playing outside on the farm all day, by myself as I had no siblings my age, but having no schedule. It really reset my nervous system to normal I think. A reboot so to speak! May you and your family have a great time!


  3. Mike Staton says:

    Ah, in the good old summertime… some things never change. Be it a kid of the 1930s or the ’60s or nowadays, everyone loves it when school lets out for the summer. How about a little “In The Summertime,” by Mungo Jerry:


  4. Anonymous says:

    Enjoy your summer. They grow up so fast. Doris


  5. When my kids were in school I felt exactly as you do. I loved spending time with them and having the freedom of not having to be somewhere at different times. Summer vacation rocks!


  6. Nancy Jardine says:

    I agree with Neva that the summer vacation is for kids to have a more relaxed time and not be tied in to too many pre-planned activities as are the case during school sessions. The ‘go with the flow’ factor when the day dawns is the freedom they need to wind down and sometimes that does mean that they want to do stuff with ‘mum’- especially if she’s the taxi driver… 🙂 Have fun, Jennifer!


  7. Joe Stephens says:

    I’m in that situation right now, though I have no kids. I chose not to teach summer school this year because I just needed time to do nothing but write and relax. The school year is just so hectic. So, to quote an old friend, for the next couple of months, each week will be made of six Saturdays and a Sunday. That’s a glorious feeling.


  8. Gayle Irwin says:

    My summer is off to a very busy season so I am looking forward to a weekend at my cabin coming up and a trip to Yellowstone Park in early July. Enjoy your summer, Jennifer!


  9. S. J. Brown says:

    Hope you and the kids enjoy your summer.


  10. Kathy Waller says:

    Summer for me was a time of glorious freedom–from sitting inside all day, from doing things I didn’t want to do, from wearing shoes… I wish all children could experience what I felt on the first day of summer every year… I hope you and your children have a wonderful time together.


  11. Travis says:

    Enjoy the summer and fewer obligations!


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