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I think two-year olds are on to something. Why? Why! Why.  Why is why so important? For someone like me, when I ask the why I am able to focus on the stories. I also share some of the whys that create the content on this blog.

Why do I not always post my photo? Sometimes my words are more important than someone seeing what I look like. I want the words, the topic, to be the focus, not my cute blond face. As an actor, my face has been plastered all over, it’s not that important. Secondly, after spending twenty years working with the criminal element, I like to keep my identity my own.

Why do I write mainly about women and history? The stories are too important to be lost. We tend as a society to focus on what the men did in creating this country. I’m not saying they didn’t do wonderful things, but you know what, so did the women. I also would prefer that history treat women based on the time they lived in and not try to put our concepts on their lives and lifestyle. Instead of saying Ann Bassett was a wild woman, it might be better to say she wasn’t going to fit the norm of what ‘Victorian’ women were. She lived on a ranch for heaven’s sake. (If you want to know more : http://bit.ly/1FIrStP )

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Why do I use a pen name for my fiction? As a writer, I don’t care if people know my pen name is Angela Raines. I do care about my non-fiction and want my readers to know what they are getting when they purchase one of my works. To me the way to keep the Historic Romance Fiction separate from the True History, is to have two names. For my latest fiction work, you can pre-order at Amazon – http://amzn.to/1cVsncT

Why do I write haiku? It started as a writing practice to put the seat in the chair and get the creative vibe going. What I found was, I love the practice of putting a concept into a structured form, and adding my photography. What started as a practice has become a deep fondness for the process. I would say it has to be, I about one hundred short of a thousand. To read a few and take a glance at some of the photos – http://bit.ly/1C7PPKA

Now you know why the word why is a big part of my life. For someone who is in the public eye almost all the time, I am a private person and like it that way. Why? Maybe for another time.

Take some time to answer your own whys. You may be surprised and what you find.

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