What Enriches Your Life? by Cher’ley

This blog by Cher’ley Grogg

So tired.

I know from reading everyone’s blogs, this is the case with many of you. We go and go and go until we drop. So much to do and so little time.

I have arrived in Florida, with all its glory and heat. This is a retirement community, but I’m not retired. If I ever get time to spend in my new home, I’ll be happy. At least I think I will. I am hoping to do all the things I love, like writing, reading, painting, photography, riding my bike, yoga, swimming, walking on the beach and miscellaneous crafts. I try to take care of myself, and to take a little time to relax. I love long, long baths. Calgon take me away is my moto. I had to leave my hot tub in Wes Virginia, but they have one here at the Community area, 2 hot tubs, 3 pools, and a big gym. I will eventually get me another hot tub. I like getting up at 1 am or 4 am and spending a little time relaxing and easing my aching bones.

What enriches your life? Do you have time to do all the activities you enjoy? How important is exercise and eating well? I ask myself these questions. I also wonder why I can’t just relax and enjoy sitting around, but I can’t.

 Stamp Out Murder


My characters in Stamp Out Murder have activities, and hobbies, but they don’t stay nearly as busy as I do.

James is a collector, he collects stamps and Civil War Memorabilia. He also enjoys photography.





Carolyn is a musician, and enjoys looking at antiques.

Does your characters have more activities than you? What do they do for fun? What do you do? If you make your way to Florida, give me a shout—it’ll give me a great reason to go to the beach and to attend some of the local events.

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21 thoughts on “What Enriches Your Life? by Cher’ley

      1. Didn’t make any difference, even on another computer. I’ll try to go into the original and read that. Doris


  1. Since my main character is an idealized version of myself, he has most of the same hobbies and interests as I do. He enjoys cooking, anything train-related, anything nerdish (comic books, comic book movies, superheroes, sci-fi, fantasy, etc.) and sports, especially volleyball. He’s different from me in that he does martial arts.


  2. Glad to see you’re safe and sound in Tampa. Are you guys going to be driving your semi as much or is retirement going to slow that down as well? Also, FYI, I find that if I include my post’s paragraph’s last paragraph, the type ends up black like yours. When I ended my highlighting for copying and pasting at the period and didn’t include the paragraph mark, the copy when in correctly and was white in color. Make sense?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Mike. When you get down this way stop in. I don’t know about the text. Is it hard for everyone to read? I looked at it on my phone, and of cost it comes up white there. Cher’ley


  3. Best of luck on your new Florida lifestyle. I think keeping busy, especially with yoga, reading and writing, while it takes time also builds stamina and muscles (mental and physical) that will pay itself off. I often don’t give my characters hobbies. Perhaps it’s because they are too preoccupied in the moment with themselves and their clique. (And I write more short stories than longer works). It’s something to be aware of. Thanks!


  4. I have another friend who recently moved to Florida; she and her husband their dog live near Sebring — they are having a house built and so right now they are renting and will be until the house is completed (they moved from New Mexico because she wanted to be where it’s HOT and water is not so scarce. Funny, it was hotter in their former town of Albuquerque the other day than it was in Miami! LOL). Hope you enjoy your new location and will find lots of happiness and blessings there. Busy? YES!! Hobbies? More travel is my hope and of course more writing — no time for anything else! LOL


  5. Glad you’ve gotten moved, Cher’ley. I hope you get settled into your new life soon. It takes some time. It sounds like you’re in a good place with nice facilities and lots of opportunities for activities. 🙂


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