Dinner’s on Me

This post by Jennifer Flaten


Twin number two decided she wanted to make dinner for us on Monday. She likes to cook, but I think her motivation was more sibling rivalry in nature.i3Vp5BGS


Her sister took a travel & restaurant this past semester and one of the final projects was a recipe for Hawaiian Fried Rice. What makes it Hawaiin, you ask? Spam. Yep, spam fried rice. Now I had spam often as a child, but I’ve never made it for my kids.


I figured the closest they would ever come to Spam is the cute yellow sunsuits that they got from their grandma when they were two. At that time we were living in Minnesota (home to the Spam factory) and on a trip to visit us my mother made a detour to Spamville and arrived with the cutest outfits emblazoned with the word Spam.


Well, it seems I was wrong, they do like Spam, but only when made by one of their own. I can guarantee if I plopped Hawaiian fried rice down for dinner one night no one would have touched it, prepared by a kid though everyone had seconds.


So, kid #2 set off to best Spam fried rice. She turned to her trust Summer School cookbook, put together during a six week summer school session. The recipes are extremely kid friendly (think pancakes, pigs in a blanket, and strawberry shortcake).


She chose chicken chimichangas. We bought all the ingredients and she spent some time talking up her dinner making debut. When the time came she eagerly went to work in the kitchen. Soon we were all dining on tasty chimis.


I like this sibling rivalry thing if it means I don’t have to cook.


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