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I love doing dishes, okay, maybe love is an understatement. I don’t mind them though, because I have a window over the sink that overlooks my back yard.

This is a big deal for me. Two houses ago, the sink faced a wall, next house the sink faced a window but the view was blocked by the biggest ugliest sunroom you’ve ever seen. Finally, this house has a sink with a window view.

When we first moved in I put a bird feeder and a few flowers. Not much happened, the birds were shy and it was too late in the season for much floral fireworks.

Each year since I’ve added a little bit here and there. This year, I think I finally have the best view ever. It helps we’ve had a cool spring and early summer so all my flowers are still healthy, no heat stroke yet.


The birds come to my feeder and the birdbath and my flowers are all in full bloom, so doing the dishes isn’t a chore. While my hands are busy washing and drying my eyes are busy watching the birds dart around. I marvel at the explosion of color in each of my planters.

What is your favorite view and does it make a chore pleasant?

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10 thoughts on “My View

  1. My kitchen window looks out onto our wooded back yard. I often see squirrels, birds and even the occasional deer. This year, I planted a pot of morning glories and moon flowers along with a trellis. I can see the top of the trellis from the window and its now covered with vines. I can’t wait until they begin to bloom. I put them there specifically so I could see them from the window above the sink. Great post.


  2. Hi Jennifer- My desk is beside the dining room window which looks out into the garden and I love the view- especially when I keep the weeds under control. I’m not a big fan of dishes, though…nor ironing …nor dusting. Wrr…the=R list might go on and on. 🙂 I’m glad your plants are doing well. I bought a bird house and a bird feeder for my grandson 2 weeks ago. So far the peanuts haven’t been eaten. I think a bit of research might be needed to find the best spot to hang it, a spot chosen by my granddaughter which is a bit vulnerable because she ‘sings and dances’ around there. Of course, maybe the blackbirds just don’t like my brand of peanuts? 😉


  3. I love washing dishes but not for any views. I don’t know why but it soothes me and I’ve always been the “dishwasher” when I lived with people or had roommates. They never seemed to mind! As for my favorite view, my desk where I write is next to my sun deck. My neighbors’ have lovely trees that hang over. I also can see the ocean when I step out onto the deck. If I’m in writer mode, I try not to do this otherwise, I’ll just stay out there! Great post, Jennifer!


  4. Hate doing dishes, but my kitchen window looks out on more open space than is average, and I do so enjoy that. There is something about watching nature that is just so wonderful. Doris


  5. When we looked for our new home a window over the kitchen sink was one of the things on the list. Unfortunately that was one of the few things this house doesn’t have. But it has enough of the things on the list to make it the right place for us.

    My birdfeeders are outside the sliding glass door to my office. However this means more often than not I am distracted by all the activity. This year I have been adding flowers everywhere in the yard. Since no one has cared for the yard in years it has been a task, but the results are worth it. I brought with me over 50 flower pots filled with flowers from all over our previous yard. I am down to just a dozen more plants to put in. So next year I will be able to sit back and enjoy all the colors and variety.

    Thanks for sharing I enjoy your posts.


  6. I too like a window over the kitchen sink that looks out on a back yard. It helps make the mundane task of washing dishes more interesting. I also see the side of a wooden condo across the alley from our yard. A window that usually has the drapes pulled shut shields a young couple with two kids from my view. However, a couple feet to the side of that is a round hole just big enough for a sparrow sized bird. This hole has been busy with birds going in and out of it all summer. These lucky birds live in a condo! Glad you have a view too.


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