Every Dog Has A Pickup

blue eyed puppy JPEG105182105411111CDPby Neva Bodin

I read an article in the paper one day about a foreign exchange student who visited Wyoming. One of his observations: Every dog has a pickup!

I loved that. How creative. Why didn’t I think of that? Anyway, a poem began forming in my head and I grabbed my IPAD to record it. I have read it at an open mic night at our annual WyoPoets workshop, and at my local writers group. Now I share it with all of you.


That dog has a pickup

In the driver’s seat he sits

I’ll bet if I got close I’d see

A gun upon his hip


Now I see he’s a cow dog

There’s evidence of that

Just notice that long rifle

And the lariat on the rack


His blue eyes watch intently

The door of Molly’s Bar

Hoping soon his wrangler Jim

Can make it from that far


‘Cause sometimes when the day is done

And the dusty wind dies down

He hops into the pickup truck

And Jim drives them to town


He’s bitten dusty dirty heels

Got kicked a time or two

And helped Old Jim his partner

Wrangle cows ‘till day was through


So now old Jim is tipping

A beer or maybe more

And though a dog is patient

Sitting still is such a bore


The pickup window’s open

So he can get some air

His ears perk up as the bar door creaks

Perhaps Jim will be there


The door was only swinging

From a playful gust of wind

He sighs and turns his head away

Then I see a doggy grin


As a muddy rancher’s pick up

From the west comes driving up

And a cowgirl exits one side

On the other there’s a pup


Then by the pup another

Larger set of ears are turning

Toward his open window

And his whine belies his yearning


For the brown-eyed sheltie gazes

Back into the Aussie’s blue’s

And the pup beside her yips

Unaware he’s blue-eyed too


And so the two dog ranchers

Sit in their 4 x 4’s

Now gazing at each other

Never mind the old bar doors.


By the time you read this, we will be camping in the Rockies near an old ghost town where Amelia Earhart was building a log cabin when she disappeared. The cabin was never finished.


22 thoughts on “Every Dog Has A Pickup

  1. Love your poem. Our dogs always have sat in the driver’s seat when we’ve gone inside anywhere. We go into the truck stop for a shower and come out they are still there. No matter if we’re in there for a few minutes or a long time, when we return the dog is there waiting patiently. Love the little romantic twist, and I know you’re going to have a story about your adventures when you return. Thanks. Cher’ley


  2. That was such fun to read; the little twist at the end really made me smile. Thanks for making a beautiful Saturday morning even brighter.


    1. Thank you Marian! You are such an inspiration. I returned from our camping just last night so had 10 days without internet and ability to read these blogs/comments. Really appreciate your reading it and commenting. This poem just fell from my mind and was fun to do.


  3. That was quite an unexpected though heartwarming ending, Neva. Your holiday venue sounds full of ‘tales of the unexpected’ – have fun and maybe solve a mystery or two!


    1. Thanks for the comments Nancy. I always like happy and surprising endings if I can provide them. This poem didn’t start out as a romance but it sure flowed into one.


  4. Nothing like a good dog poem or story. When you get back from your camping trip, want to hear more on Amelia Earhart and that unfinished cabin. Any chance of a photo of the cabin’s remains?


    1. We arrived home last night and would have liked to still have been there today as the dude ranch where Amelia stayed a month with her husband and from where she commissioned building the cabin was having an Amelia Earhart day and she was rumored to be there at the dude ranch cabin where she stayed to talk to people. (So they must have found her?) LOL. I will write more in future blogs. The cabin she commissioned was only 4 logs high when she disappeared so was never finished.


  5. I never tire of hearing this fun poem you’ve created, Neva! Creativity comes from so many sources — you are so “in tune” with your surroundings and with your creative side! Looking forward to seeing you when you get back from your outdoor adventure!


    1. Thank you! It was a fun thing that just appeared as I wrote it! That young student must have had a creative mind to come up with that statement which I borrowed for my inspiration.


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