Pause a Moment

This post by Jennifer Flaten


A rain storm blew through our area on Monday. According to the weather man there was a chance it would turn severe. I’ve had an up down relationship with storms. I used to love them. Then one summer a storm with straight line winds blew into our area knocking a branch off the 50 year oak tree and right onto our front walk missing the house by thismuch. The crash shook the whole house and that morning we had to exit our house through the back door.


After that any storm made me worry about falling limbs. Even after we moved to this house, which was surrounded by some very old, nearly decrepit trees. Even a brisk wind was cause to worry. Then the city decided to put in sidewalks, so they removed all the trees in the neighborhood. Okay, that made me sad….but the upside was nothing was going to fall on my house now.


So when the storm rolled through I didn’t worry, I enjoyed the storm.


The wind pushed the rain up, down, and sideways plus, the sky was an interesting shade of yellow. With the windows closed and the air conditioner on it is sometimes hard to tell if the weather has turned severe (or is going to in a minute or two) so I popped outside to have a look.


Standing under the sheltering overhang I watched the rain swirl around and listened to the fading thunder. Since the threat of storms seemed to have passed I was going to go back inside, but instead I decided to stand there for just a bit longer.


The rain didn’t taper off, as much as it just stopped and as I looked at the sky a rainbow appeared. IMG_3393It was amazing it just faded into view. One minute the sky was overcast and the next a rainbow glowed softly in the sky. It arched perfectly over our house.


It doesn’t matter that I know the science behind a rainbow, and it also doesn’t matter that they aren’t that rare. It still was magical to see one appear right before my eyes.

I saw it because I paused and took that extra moment. Why don’t you pause for that extra moment today and see if you spot something magical.


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8 thoughts on “Pause a Moment

  1. Lovely, Jennifer! I’ve seen many rainbows in my life and they never fail to bring a smile to my face! Glad you were able to view the “calm after the storm” in vivid colors!


  2. Used to love storms. Still do, but they do so much damage and having been through a couple that destroyed the basement of my home, I’m kinda done. But still…Doris


  3. You’re right–knowing the science behind something doesn’t make it less miraculous. I know the science of why there are tides, but I could sit for hours and just watch and listen to the ocean roll in and out. I feel the power of God in the waves. Same with a storm. I’m drawn to them–as long as I can watch them from the safety of a sheltered place!


  4. I’m looking out of my window right now, Jennifer, and taking a moment to appreciate that the persistent rain of the day is petering out to being almost non existent. I’m not seeing much that’s magical – yet but I’m hoping. I’m always pretty awed by the sight of a rainbow and I don’t know if it’s a learned reaction that makes me ‘glowy’ inside or if it’s actually a more primitive throwback to being safe from the threat of storm damage that you’ve mentioned. I have a few large trees in my garden which need to be cut down soon because I’d hate them to fall on my neighbour’s houses!


  5. Haven’t lived any place where I had to worry about trees hitting the house, thank goodness. I tend to enjoy storms and right now hope we have lots this winter–to end our drought.


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