The Gift of Balance

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I rarely talk about myself. My nature I am an intensely private person. In today’s post, I am opening the door just a bit to illustrate the idea of Balance.

As some of you know on June 15, 2015 torrential rains caused an overflow of water in the sewer and drain systems in the hilly area where I live. Not only my self, but numerous other homes sustained some kind of damage. In my case, a complete obliteration of my basement. We are talking completely full of water. Since insurance will not cover the damage and the water company denies any wrong doing at this point, we are left to deal with this on our own. For me, I set up a gofundme account to help defray some of the cost. This site is a go to for people who need help with personal financial burdens. Thankfully friends have stepped in when companies were unwilling to clear out the damage, because insurance didn’t cover it and I didn’t have a few thousand sitting around. (okay, I’m being a bit catty there).

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Now, this could be all I think about, but as I stated at the beginning of this post, life does give some balance. Since the disaster happened, I have had a short story released from Prairie Rose Publications in the anthology “Cowboy Celebration”. I have signed the contract for another novella to be released at sometime in the future called “Angel of Salvation Valley”. If all goes well, I will also submit a short for another anthology to be released later this year. This same company is having a Christmas in July Fandango on Facebook July 27 & 28 in the evening. Plenty of giveaways and chances to meet the authors. I will be involved with the Fandango and look forward to the fun of talking with people I’ve not met. Here is the link if anyone would like to stop by:

But that isn’t all. As much as I’m thrilled with the publication of my writing, which by the way my fiction is written under the pen name Angela Raines, there is more. If you don’t believe other people read these posts, think again. I was recently contacted by the great great grand daughter of one of the women doctors I have been researching. She wants to get together to share her stories and pictures of this amazing women.

So you see, life is about Balance. We may not always like what is happening, but if we are open to options, life has a way of balancing the scale. I truly do believe things will work out as they should on my basement, that the work will get done. I also know, that by being aware, open and grateful for all the blessings in my life, I bring in more. So the next time life throws you some grapes or lemons make wine or lemonade. It all Balances out in the end.

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18 thoughts on “The Gift of Balance

  1. How does GoFundMe work? Did you get enough money to cover the damage? Congratulations on you books and stories. I plan on reading them as soon as I can. Glad there is balance in your life. If I had time I’d enter another story to PRP, I love the work they do. Cher’ley


    1. Cher’ley, it works like crowd funding. I haven’t gotten all that I need, but there has been a great start. Each person donates what they can, and the proceeds, after a small fee it taken out, that goes directly to recipient. The site has helped thousands of people. You can find out more at or if interested my site:

      I would love to see another story from you at PRP. Hopefully life will allow you to do so. Here’s to writing and life in balance. Doris

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  2. Inspirational post, Doris. I hope everything works out with your repairs. It’s always nice to be reminded that when the worst seems to be happening with no end in sight, life balances things out with a short story publication or a novella contract. Congrats!

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    1. Thank you Sarah. For me, it is the knowing that things will work out as they should that keeps me writing, working and grateful. Life is such a gift, but one has to be open to receiving what it gives. Not always easy when one is in the midst of chaos. (Smile) Doris


  3. You’re right about balance. Even as we suffer misfortune in one area of our lives, in another we celebrate success. In your case, you’re seeing your stories getting published. In January, my sister Jody and me lost our father. Six months later, Jody’s middle daughter Quinn has a baby. Yes, it’s balance and the celebration of the circle of life.


    1. So true Mike, and it seems to make living easier. At least it does for me. I am so sorry about your father, but thrilled at the arrival of a new life. Doris


  4. That’s brilliant news about the great great grand daughter! Though, I’m sorry you’ve had some devastating times as well. Congratulations about the contracts- well done! 🙂


    1. Abbie, thank you. I do believe it can be repaired, but funds are not forthcoming from insurance or those who should be responsible for the problem. I certainly don’t have 20-30 thousand. But some folks have been generous and at least the gofundme has helped to clear the mud and destroyed belongings that were down there. Doris

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  5. How great you can see balance, like the stories we write I guess, tragedy and good things happen to us. So sorry to hear about your water problems, but so glad for your writing successes. You sound like a really positive person. Congrats on your writing success!


    1. Thank you for the kind words. I didn’t always see life that way, but as time goes by, I’ve learned it is better to see the whole picture and not waste energy on what can’t be controlled. Life will balance out, and I love writing. Doris


  6. Doris, you are an inspiring woman! No wonder you write about other inspiring women!! Continued prayers regarding your basement situation and continued celebrations for all the great writing you’re doing! Now that July is about over, I am hoping my life will be more “in balance” and I can get back to the writing that’s been on my “computer’s shelf” for many, many months! 🙂 Hugs and hope to see you in a few weeks — still putting the finishing touches on my Colorado trip.


    1. Thanks! I’ve had good teachers over the years, and even those who preceeded me keep the lessons coming. I so appreciate all the thoughts and prayers, I know they help. Here’s to a great Colorado trip. Doris


  7. So glad things are balancing out for you. My own personal household disaster has taught me just pace yourself, take it one day at a time and really appreciate with good things. If all else fails take a trip. Big or small getting away even for a day can really help.


    1. Thanks S. J., I appreciate your thoughts and support. It’s funny, even though I’m working through a lot, I hadn’t thought of getting away. Nice thought. So sorry to hear things were bad you way. Love to you. Doris


    1. You are welcome Joe. Some days it’s a bit difficult to stay above the chaos, but when I think of what I’ve got, it becomes a bit easier. Still, financially it is a huge concern. Even with the wonderful gifts that others have shared on the site, it is so short of what is needed. I have to believe it will work out, or I’d just give up. Doris


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