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As a wildlife photographer I love what I do. Getting close to wild creatures and recording that moment is awesome. Spending time outdoors enjoying Mother Nature is also a great part of what I do. Another part of what I do that I love is Sharing. Sharing my images, sharing my knowledge, sharing my experiences with others.

A local high school teacher encouraged me to share with her students many years ago. This opened the door for me to share my love of nature with students of all ages. Elementary school children want to tell me their wildlife story as much as they want to hear mine Middle school and High school students want to hear scary stories like if I have ever been attacked by a bear.

1 Bear

One memorable high student was so inspired by my talk he ran home and located his mothers camera. He was excited about the prospect of connecting with wild critters and recording the image. He decided to start in his own back yard since he didn’t have a car.

2 Bluebird

He quickly discovered he was scared to death of wild animals. But he loved the feel of the camera in his hand and the idea of capturing an image to share. So when we met again at a book signing he was experimenting with photographing interesting flowers, colorful scenic shots and unusual people. Everyone has to experiment a bit before they find their nitch.

3 Deer

By sharing I helped that student discover a love of photography. I have peaked the interest in nature in more than one attendee at my presentations. I am able to introduce some to the local art word and the opportunities they pose. I share my images so others can get a close up view of critters they may never see in the wild.

4 Puffin

Hopefully I inspire others both young and old to to pursue what they love. It doesn’t matter if you write, photograph, paint, sketch or run a successful business we can all share a little of ourselves and help others along the way.

5 Ibis

My books are a way for me to share with those that can’t attend one of my talks. Images I sell to magazines and calendar companies also allow me to share my images and love of nature. Although I think I donate as many as I sell. I am not that business savvy, but I do manage to continue to do what I love and share that love with others.

What is your favorite thing to share?

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20 thoughts on “Sharing

  1. Knowing that the Minnesota dentist who hunted and killed that beloved lion in Africa had caused a storm of anger on social media sites, I initially thought you were going to write about him. You ‘hunt’ with your camera, capturing the animal in his or her natural habitat. It doesn’t become a trophy head hanging from a wall. He puts the blame on his guides. I figure he just won’t own up to it.


    1. I did think about it. I also thought about writing about the resent bison attacks at Yellowstone. But both subjects came off as if I was preaching. I don’t like to preach to people. I want to slowly win them over to my way of thinking. Besides I don’t think I could put into words what I think should happen to the dentist, or the poachers that killed 5 elephants that same week for their tusks.


  2. It is when we follow our hearts that life is worth living. Sharing what’s in our hearts is what helps us to share that love. You are so fortunate to have inspired others and see what how they respond. What a lovely post. Doris


    1. Thanks, Glad you enjoyed it. There are times when someone takes a totally different path, but has given me credit for helping them get started. You do a bit of inspiring others as well. You encourage so many people and we all appreciate it.


  3. SJ, you are an inspiration. I love these photos. What kind of birds are each of those? I love photography, and I’ve done some professional jobs, but I mosly like good snapshots. Cher’ley


  4. Great post, SJ! I so enjoy your photographs, and I’m glad you enjoy sharing them, and your photography tips, with others. It’s wonderful to inspire youngsters — I hope to do the same with my school presentations. Continued best to you and thanks for sharing with us!


  5. Photography can be a great hobby or profession, but it is an art. My little granddaughter has a talent for it, as do my daughters, in getting just the right shot. I love the idea of sitting somewhere and soaking up the peace as I wait for the wildlife to pose for me! Not sure if getting the right shot or the peace I imagine I’d feel would be the draw. You are talented and your pictures are so interesting. Thanks for sharing your talent.


    1. Thank you. My granddaughter has picked up a camera in the last few years. She is young so she may put it back down again before she is grown. For now it is something fun we share. I hope her love of the natural world we share will stay with her forever.


  6. S.J- your photos are fabulous. I love your statement that everyone has to try things before they find their perfect niche!


    1. Our passions often lead us in an unexpected direction. Ask anyone who knew me in High School, they would have never guessed I would be doing wildlife photography. Glad you are enjoying the photos.


  7. You are extremely lucky to have a job that you absolutely love. Even more so to be able to share it with kids and inspire them to discover what they excel at. I love your photos. I have always loved animals and in fact, wanted to pursue a career involving animals when I was a child. I thought of being a vet or a marine biologist but was horrible in science. I always thought a nature photographer was an ideal job. Thanks so much for sharing!


  8. I have the same joy when a student tells me they loved a book I recommended or just learned to enjoy reading because my enthusiasm encouraged them. It’s one of the things that make my job so rewarding.

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