Back to School Shopping

This post by Jennifer Flaten

The school supply list posted last week. I figured it was bound to arrive soon, after all the stores have not only placed the school supplies on the shelves, but they have Christmas items waiting at the fringes of the store ready to knock the school supplies off the shelf and rush us into the holidays.

I printed out the list and the kids immediately pored over it, as if it contained the secrets of the universe, and maybe it does. Perhaps, if you have just the right pen, just the right notebook and the exact three ring binder then your school year will go perfectly.  file491253208393

From the master list the girls created individual color-coded and indexed shopping lists. Armed with these lists and grandma they descended on Target for an epic shopping spree.

Each notebook, pen and binder was carefully examined and chosen, not for their usefulness or perceived longevity, but for how aesthetically pleasing they were. Finally carts laden with colorful notebooks, pens and pencils the shopping trip was done, list complete mission successful.

Ah, but it doesn’t end there. Once home the items must be spilled out onto the floor and admired. Then it must be redecorated. Yes, that notebook that was purchased because it was the perfect shade of pink needs just a little bit of enhancement from washi tape, glitter and glue. Now it’s perfect.

Then everything is arranged by class and shoved into the backpack where it stays until the first day of school.

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8 thoughts on “Back to School Shopping

  1. Fun times for your kids and their grandma, I’m sure! The notebook may be the perfect one on the shelf, but since it will get looked at by other students, it needs to be even MORE perfect! LOL Ah, those school days!!


  2. The summer was so short and I feel bad for the kids who don’t get much time just to “be” anymore. I remember long summers when school didn’t start until after Labor Day and loved those times. Bet shopping for all those items helped your kids get mentally ready for school though. Nothing like opening a new tablet–it’s like a new day with a fresh start.


  3. So glad I haven’t had to do back to school shopping for years. The school supplies weren’t bad, but the clothes shopping was never fun, and I only had one child. Good luck.


  4. Brings back memories of long ago when a kid named Mike shopped for school supplies with his mom. One big difference, though. We cut up paper bags and turned them into protectors for our school books. Girls could get quite artistic. I just drew rockets and planets. You could always tell Saturn. It had the rings.


  5. Inmany ways I’m glad that time is long over with my daughters but the consolation is that it’s almost here for my granddaughter and that’ll be an exciting time. I absolutely hate it, though, when the stores have ‘Back to school’ gear on shelves before the summer holiday has even begun! I’m sure your family are well organised, Jennifer! 😉


  6. Funny–I don’t remember much at all about shopping for school supplies like pencils, pens, and such. I do remember agonizing over which trapper keeper to get. But mostly I remember spending hours deciding on which lunch box to get. I’m old enough to remember getting the metal ones before they were retro.


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