Listen to yourself


This post by Jennifer Flaten


The other day my husband needed to go back to work. Since the kids had birthday money burning a hole in their pocket and his work is over by a larger mall, we decided to ride along to do a little shopping.


My husband is primary driver in our family. I only get to drive if he is incapacitated or if he isn’t with us. I am the navigator. When I am driving the kids around I am both navigator and driver, although now that the girls are older they are able to read Google maps for me while driving. Since I navigate everywhere we go as a family/couple I have a fairly grasp of the area. So despite only being to my husband’s work once, I was confident I could get us to the mall.

As he relinquished control of the car to me, he gave me a few pointers from getting out of the complex where his work is located and to the street with the mall. It was simple enough.


Off we went. I am driving along following my husband’s directions, when my back seat driver tells me that I am going the wrong way. I am pretty sure I am right, but I let her dissuade me and I go her way.

Guess what?! She was wrong. We ended up going the wrong way. Sigh. I had to turn around. Now this isn’t a huge deal. I just went down another block or so and turned around.

She apologized profusely and we all had a laugh about it. BUT,  why did I listen to her instead of listening to myself…you know the adult. The one who was familiar with the area?

I have no idea why wasn’t I confident enough to say NOPE this is the way we are supposed to go and just went that way?

It is something I have to work on, listening to myself before listening to others.

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10 thoughts on “Listen to yourself

  1. I have a tendency to not trust my judgements in case I’ve forgotten what it is, or more often not remembering correctly but often my instincts are bang on and I should just go with them. Your kids are at an age, Jennifer, where you probably don’t want to create any friction and just went with it!


  2. I listen to others too that way, sometimes I’m wrong and sometimes they are wrong. Glad you didn’t get horribly lost and have to drive miles to turn around–a problem in some cities! Hope the mall was fun.


  3. I tend to always assume I’m wrong when somebody questions me. I guess it’s probably because that’s been the case so many times in the past. :-p But I think it’s probably a natural tendency.


  4. Both Hubby and I have finally learned this lesson. When we have a project in mind or big purchase, everyone around us as an opinion on what we should do. More often than not if we don’t do it our way we are either redoing something or going back to the store. It takes time to simply go with your instinct and not others.


  5. In the future you can always remind her of the day she got the directions wrong if she is insistent on something you know is wrong. 🙂 Somedays I push back when questioned, but often I don’t because it is easier and less conflict ridden. I’ll step back and let things play out. It depends where I’m aligned with the universe at that moment.


  6. Ah, driving and directions — gotta love it! I got myself turned around in Denver this weekend by NOT listening to the GPS. Fortunately, once I made a U-turn (several miles down the wrong road) I got back on track … and I followed by the GPS voice told me and made my way to the right destination.


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