Blessings in Disguise by Erin Farwell

IMG_3021_1This has been a rough summer. There were lots of good times, like visiting family in Michigan and hanging out with my daughter and younger sister on Amelia Island, Florida. But there were less happy times as well.

We had to spend money on things we really didn’t want to. There was the cat that got sick and needed blood work and an ultrasound just 3 weeks after her annual physical. Then there was the call to the exterminator to get rid of a wasp nest, which turned out to be honey bees. It’s illegal to kill them, and you don’t want to anyway since an untended hive will crumble, causing honey to drip down your walls which leads to an ant infestation. So $500 went to send the bees off to a new and happy bees_6home.

Repairs to the house, in preparation of a refinance, have gone slowly and of course costing more than we budgeted. Mike and I are doing as much work as possible, with the help of a wonderful friend who spent an afternoon shoving branches into a wood chipper. We also have a handyman who is taking care of projects that require a really tall ladder. He started painting the second floor window frames when he took a break to have gall bladder surgery. Yep, it’s been that kind of summer.

no-cars-signMy car got sick on the way home from Florida and some awesome people at the Ford Service Shop south of Savannah fixed it for free, but with stern orders to get the car better repaired when I was home. I did as I ordered and, like the cat, 3 weeks later the car got sick again. The air conditioner compressor died and the cost to replace it, and all other relevant parts, is more than we can afford right now.

So, for the near future, we are a one car family.

At first I was upset and frustrated, trying to coordinate my responsibilities around the lack of daily access to a car. I had to back out of a few commitments and everyone has been very understanding. Still, I felt bad about this and am still anxious about how we will sort everything out.

Then I had my “ah ha” moment.

We have one car.

I can’t go anywhere.

My book must be to the editor by mid-November.

I now have a great reason why I can’t do much except stay home and write.

Monday was my first car-free day. I didn’t do much writing but I did a ton of research and sorted out the last of the details I needed for the second half of my book. What writing I did accomplish flowed much better with these final pieces of my writing1puzzle in hand.

I look forward to spending most of the rest of my week living in the world of my creation, with the occasional detour into the real world to write a client’s weekly blog and edit a piece for my brother. These things don’t seem so hard, now that I know I can’t be asked to drop by the school, do a quick grocery store run, or any of the pesky little errands that can eat up big chunks of my time without my even realizing it. Best of all, I can focus and write day after day, rather than having long breaks between sessions.

I miss my car, we call her Little Red, but things are working out okay. There are still challenges to face and we can’t manage as a one car family for too long, but until then I will view this as a gift rather than a burden and see what I can accomplish.

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21 thoughts on “Blessings in Disguise by Erin Farwell

  1. LIfe always seems to interfer with our plans. Frustrating, but when looked at in retrospect, blessings? A post I can relate to. Here’s to some great writing and plans fulfilled. Doris

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  2. Life is filled with challenges, some very difficult and others minor frustrations that, when piled one upon another, become great. I am going through similar circumstances, and I’m sure many of us can relate to your post, Erin. I think of that song “Blessings,” by Lara Story — have you heard it? Here’s a link: May we all find those “blessings in disguise.” Best to you, Erin!

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  3. You reminded me of a recent email about a professor asking his class to write about a white sheet of paper with a black dot on it. They were to describe it. All wrote about the dot. The lesson was, if you focus solely on the black spot, you fail to see the white or what else might be a blessing or good around you. So glad you had your “ah ha” moment! Sorry you so many reasons to have one! Blessings on your writing!

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  4. You are such a Lemonade person, and I love that. We have been right there with you through your adversities, and we’ve watched how you’ve handled each one. Stay strong, and rely on God. Remember FROG–Fully relying on God. Glad you are getting some writing time, speaking of which, I need to get busy. Cher’ley

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  5. How true, Erin, we can’t predict what will befall us. Plans always need to be revised. And what looks like costly bad news usually stays costly, but– as you point out — can offer new opportunities. Yep, we love the challenges God lays before us. Got to say goodbye. Have a novel to work on. 🙂

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  6. Finances always seem to need to be elastic and one priority is overtaken by another one with greater need… ad infinitum. Go for it with you writing! 😉


  7. Great post, Erin! And, while I am sorry for the problems with the car, I think you are exactly right. This is the universe telling you to stay home and write. Have fun living in your fiction and getting the book ready to send off to the editor.


  8. Sometimes it’s like God steps in and says, “Here’s the chance to do what you said you wanted to do.” The question is whether we’ll see it as the gift it is or as an inconvenience. I’m glad you saw it as the former. Good luck on the book!


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