Marching to your own drummer

This post by Jennifer Flaten

Our town has an annual cornfest. It is a fun-filled weekend that features a parade, tractor pulls and other farmy stuff, plus a carnival. And as you can probably guess by the name corn; lots and lots of corn.

We’ve lived here three years now and went to the fest every year.  The first year we lived here the parade/fest coincided with the girls’ birthday. I even managed to convince them (briefly) that the parade was in their honor.

Interestingly enough, even though corn is the star of cornfest (there is always a line for it) we’ve never actually bought/eaten corn at the cornfest.

This year, my daughter’s Forensics Team is walking in the parade. She is so excited. This is the perfect event for my daughter, as she is a bit reserved, this way she can do something, but yet blend in with the crowd. Right now, she is all about the blending.

It’s perfect she will get to hand out popsicles to the crowd, so she gets to participate, but she won’t really STAND out.

IMG_20130903_140321Although, for someone who likes to blend in, it is pretty amazing that my daughter does Forensics. She has the courage to get up on stage and perform her piece in front of the judges multiple times.  What is even more amazing is that she loves it. Each meet leaves her more excited for the next one.

We never pushed her join or thought that she had to do “something” about her reserved nature (we never say shy, she isn’t shy just reserved). I did tell her that I thought forensics was neat, she went to the meeting and agreed that it sounded cool. I think part of it is that she is the only one in the family who does it. It makes her special. Plus, while the team gets overall points, my daughter is solely responsible for her performance.

Last year was her first year so she wasn’t eligible to go to the National Championships, but this year she can. So, she’s already started a trip fund to get her to California where the event will be held.

Next summer she could be walking in the parade as a Forensics National champ. A good goal to have. Maybe we will celebrate after the parade by having some corn.

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9 thoughts on “Marching to your own drummer

  1. Jennifer- Roll on a great parade for all of the family and best wishes to ‘Forensics’ D. Corn is pretty popular on our table but it’s never fresh from the field. I tried to grow some but they did’t mature and fill- don’t know the techy term for ‘yellowing up’. We don’t get enough heat and sun. 😦


  2. sounds like a great tradition. And good for your daughter. My granddaughter is reserved too but she competes with animals in a county fair and loves being judged and is very confident and accepting of it. She is really mature and I bet your daughter is too. I wish her luck in her upcoming events with it.


  3. Best of luck to your daughter. I wish I had been in Speech and Debate or Forensics in high school. I looked into in college, but my skills weren’t strong enough. And enjoy the corn!


  4. I did speech in high school and it was one of the most valuable activities I ever did in terms of making me ready to talk in front of people–somewhat important for a school teacher! And the tournaments are still warm memories, especially nationals in New York City, which is even bigger for a small-town West Virginia kid than for most.


  5. I am catching up on blog posts today. When I came to yours I had to chuckle. We just had fresh corn on the cob last night with dinner cooked on the grill. Then this morning I took the one lone left over ear of corn outside to try to entice our resident ground hog into the live trap. Hope you enjoyed the corn festival. Around here it is apples, apple blossoms, and apple harvest, even though there are very few apple orchards left.


  6. Corn — lots of it in Iowa where I grew up, and I LOVE corn on the cob to this day! Never liked speech or such in school; I’ve had to learn to get over “stage fright” since I now conduct presentations for school and community groups — I still get a bit nervous, especially in front of adults, but I’m growing and getting better; I’m sure your daughter will do great!


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