The Importance of Shampoo

This post by Jennifer Flaten


Today the kids and I went to Walgreens, ostensibly so I could buy some new shampoo. While I really did want to buy some new shampoo I really wanted an icy cold soda. It sounds silly tho’ to tell the kids you are going to the store for ONE soda. So, instead I said I needed shampoo.file6781258406310


Everyone came along because they all had their own agenda. My son likes to look at toys, my oldest daughter wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to look at makeup and my other daughter came along because she didn’t want to be home alone.


In the store, we all split up. My son made a beeline for the toys, daughter #1 headed to the makeup and daughter #2 and I drifted through the hand lotion section towards the hair care section.


Along the way she and I discussed the merits of several hand lotions, tested a few lip glosses and finally arrived at the shampoo. Where we checked out the fragrances, which is an integral part of buying shampoo. If you think you just grab one and go you are doing it wrong!


You must smell the shampoo. In fact, sometimes, you need to sniff the same shampoo twice. Once to get your initial reaction, then again after you ask your co-shopper their opinion of the scent. Which may or may not change your thoughts on the scent.


This, as you may have guessed, takes a little bit longer than just grabbing and going. Which brings up another point, leave enough time. You simply can’t do this in a hurry.


My son, who could look at toys for hours, finally found us in the aisle all worried that we’d left him because we hadn’t yet come to tell him that we were done. I had to explain to him that we were picking out a shampoo and he expressed his amazement that it could take so long. Which is ironic coming from a boy who could spend an hour debating whether to purchase the Avengers Lego set of the Star Wars Lego set.


So I felt it necessary to explain to him the importance of picking the “right” shampoo. The wrong shampoo could do all sorts of things, most too terrible to mention here. Suffice to say, no matter how long it takes I will pick the right shampoo.

I finally discovered the “chosen one” the shampoo I would love, until I didn’t. And, then the search will start all over again.


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9 thoughts on “The Importance of Shampoo

  1. Yeah, I wondered if you got the drink too. Hopefully you did and kids were probably thirsty then too. I often think there are too many choices for most things these days, and I am one to not read the parts of the labels that give me the information that tells me I don’t want that item’!


  2. I, too, wondered about the soft drink?? I’m the “grab and go” kinda gal: I know what I like regarding shampoo and I just go get it: no smelling fragrances for me! Fun time with your daughter, though I bet!!


  3. Yes, I did get the drink and a snack for each kid…which I got a sample of…oh yeah and chocolate I got chocolate. A successful trip.


  4. I’s so good to be serious about shamppo- Jennifer! 😉 Me? If I could, I would whizz around the stores in double quick time – in and out. But the difference is my kids are well grown and the grandkids are not quite at the browsing stages, or the ‘duping’ ones. 🙂


  5. As a person with little hair, and the little I have is extremely short, I have little to contribute to a discussion of shampoo. I can pick out sunglasses like it’s my job, though. I usually try on every pair in the store. This is partly because of my melon-sized head, which often makes sunglasses that look okay on a normal face look roughly like putting a bikini on a blimp.


  6. I use different shampoo depending on the time of year. I have a favorite, but the scent seems to be a favorite with bees. So in the summer I just use baby shampoo. Also I wash my hair more in the summer because of pool chemicals
    I am one of those people that flies through the store, gets what is one the list( provided I remembered the list) then gets out of there. Hope you found a new favorite shampoo and remembered to get that soda.


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