Autumn is the Best!

This post is by Joe Stephens

I wrote a few months back about how summer is the weekend of the year, which might lead readers to think that it’s my favorite time of year. It really isn’t. There are things I love about every season (though, as I age, that’s less and less true of winter), but fall, hands down, has to be my favorite season. And this year it’s extra special for me, though I’ll save that for a later post. And just to clarify, I define fall as the period from September 1 to December 31. I know that winter technically starts earlier in December, but I don’t care. My brain, my rules. So here are three reasons why fall is the best.

  • Convertible weather. As a convertible driver, I contend that autumn, especially (though not exclusively) the first half of it, is truly the perfect time of year. Summer is just too sweltering, especially with a black interior. I parked my car in front of my house earlier this summer with the top down for just a short while, not more than a half hour. When I red, car, convertible, wheels, tires, street, sidewalk, white, fence, parked, housesat back down to leave, wearing shorts, I proved that it is actually possible for a human being to fly into orbit without aid of a rocket. You just don’t have that in fall. The temperatures become more moderate and, even if you need a hoodie, it’s perfect top-down weather. And when it gets a little nippy even for having the top down, the weather is just cool enough to really enjoy. A light jacket during the day and a coat at night, being able to sleep with the window open, and campfires where the fire is actually for warmth instead of just roasting marshmallows are the best ever.
  • Fall sports. My two favorite sports to watch–by a really wide margin–are volleyball and football. Back when I was in school and for a few years after I started teaching, volleyball was a winter sport here in my area, which was good in that my two favorite sports didn’t interfere with each other, but I think I like it better this way. Now I get all the best sports in one big smorgasbord and then I can take the winter off to hunker down in my chair and write. But I simply love watching football (all levels) and volleyball, especially the ladies team from my school. I’m their unofficial designated fan. I’m the only non-parent who attends entire tournaments with them. Even the girls who aren’t my actual students come to know me. I campaign every year for a job as a ball boy, but so far, I remain disappointed.
  • All the best holidays and special events. I often joke with my kids that the holiday season kicks off on September 17,nutcracker, Christmas, ornament, decorations my birthday. But the reality is that the best, most fun holidays are all crammed into this season. It really starts at school with Homecoming. Everybody dresses up in theme costumes all week, we have a thuse (thuse is what they call a pep rally at my school), the game is widely attended by alumni, and there are all kinds of special events during the game. It’s one of those weeks that make school memorable in a good way. Then, in quick succession come the two huge observances of the year. The period between Thanksgiving and Christmas just seems like one giant extended holiday. There are constant parties and special events in the community, at school, and in church. I’m always exhausted by the last day of school before winter break, but it’s a happy kind of exhausted. To be specific, two events that simply make the holiday season for me are the tree lighting ceremony and the Acapella choir concert. When the time comes, I’m going to dedicate an entire post just to those events. They are truly special. And this is in addition to the fact that Thanksgiving and Christmas are the Titans of holidays. True, as a Christian, Easter is almost literally the kind of observances, but in terms of sheer family fun and celebration value, nothing compares with Thanksgiving and Christmas, each of which is nearly a week long event among my family and friends.

So there you have it–three reasons why the coming four months are the best four months of the calendar. Yes, the other three seasons are fine, but if life were a movie, fall’s name would come before the title and the other three would the ones whose names follow, “And featuring…” They play important parts, but the name before the title is the reason you bought the ticket.

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19 thoughts on “Autumn is the Best!

  1. Joe, you are a person after my own heart, I love fall, maybe not for all the reasons you list, but still a beautiful season. After summer solstice, I live for Dec. 21 when the days start getting longer. That’s my special time. Doris

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  2. Joe- I can see exactly why you love the coming months with so much to organise and look forward to. I love autumn/ fall here in Scotland but often our winter season doesn’t wait till Decembe to make its presence felt. The thing I like best about late September into October is that the ‘insect’ season is over – the wasps are gone and the flies are few.

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  3. Delightful post, Joe! I, too, find fall to be the best season of the year. I love the colorful landscapes, hues of gold, orange, and red, and the cooler temperatures. I don’t have a convertible, but my car has a sun/moon roof, and I enjoy driving with it open and drinking in the crisp air. I was never one for sports, but I love nature, and autumn and spring are, for me, the most wonderful seasons to experience nature. Thanks for sharing your post!


    1. Sorry so slow in replying. Crazy start to the school year. I love the crisp air too. I think that might actually be my favorite part. Or the fall colors. Or the festive decorations. It’s too hard to choose!


  4. I love fall too for a very similar reason, I’m a September baby too! We’re fellow Virgos (although being a Sept 23 bday girl makes me right on the cusp with Libra). Since Southern California doesn’t get much in the way of actual seasons, fall to me means birthday, cooler weather, and kids back in school so popular hangouts like the beach are nice and quiet. I also love to visit my friend in Boston in the fall to see the beautiful foliage, although sadly this year, I won’t be going. Great post, Joe!


  5. I love fall too. But not to Dec. 31. When a new teen moving back to Ohio from California, I can remember walking in snow flurries in downtown Wadsworth. The date? Late October. So I’d cut off the ‘fall’ about mid-November when all the leaves have fallen off the trees. Halloween and Thanksgiving… they’re great fall holidays. I like high school football, covered it in NC for the weekly I worked for until I retired in 2014. Also covered girls’ volleyball; had to google and catch up with the rules for volleyball. One of the volleyball teams I covered won back-to-back state championships in the small-school division.


    1. I agree–it has gotten colder than I like by the end of December too. But I don’t mind it at Christmas time, especially if it’s accompanied by snow. But then it can go straight to spring. Or I can go straight south.

      My school’s volleyball team is always a powerhouse too. I can’t remember the last time we didn’t make it to the state tournament, though it’s been too long since we actually won the whole thing.


  6. Joe, you forgot HALLOWEEN. A time of year you can dress up and pretend to be anything or anyone you want. Our new Halloween tradition is to take chairs and bowls of candy to the end of our driveway and cackle and laugh with friends and neighbors for hours. I decorate the house and the yard.
    Although the months you mentioned are great times of year I have to admit Spring is my favorite time of year. Flowers blooming trees are getting their leaves, the weather is warming up and baby animals everywhere.


    1. I didn’t forget Halloween. It’s just really not my thing. I enjoyed trick-or-treating when I was a kid and I like a good jack-o-lantern too, but I can’t remember the last time I went to a Halloween party. Maybe college?


  7. Yes, autumn is the best. As a kid in Oklahoma I could play football and not be soaked in sweat. The smell of fires and the red, yellow and orange leaves remind me of childhood. Unfortunately there is no fall in LA. That and thunderstorms are two thinks I miss the most.


    1. Yay! I just found out we share a birthday with two of my students too. It’s completely illegal, but I’m going to bring treats for my kids on that day.

      Happy birthday to you too!


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