Anniversary Gift by Abbie Johnson Taylor

Abbie J. Taylor 010This post by Abbie Johnson Taylor

In the past ten years, I’ve had three life-changing events, all prefaced by natural disasters. In December of 2004, an earthquake and tsunami struck the coast of Japan. In January of 2005, my husband Bill proposed to me by mail. He was living in Fowler, Colorado, while I was here in Sheridan, Wyoming. After a two-year long distance relationship, I thought he just wanted to be friends so the letter came as a shock.

In August of 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. On September 10, 2005, Bill and I were married in a beautiful ceremony in my grandmother’s back yard.

Our Wedding
Our Wedding

In October of 2013, Super Storm Sandy struck New York. On October 30th, 2013, Bill passed away in a nursing home where he’d been for the past month, declining as a result of two strokes after six years of being cared for by me at home.

This month, we would have been married ten years. To commemorate our anniversary, I would like to share a poem from my latest collection, That’s Life, and the song that inspired it. When I heard this song a couple of years ago on A Prairie Home Companion, it was as if Bill were speaking to me from above. After two years, I’m finally able to sing it with dry eyes. You can click on the link below to hear me recite the poem and sing the song.



Everywhere you are,

I will always be with you,

watching from above.

Every time you breathe,

every decision you make,

I’ll know about it

and love you even more.



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11 thoughts on “Anniversary Gift by Abbie Johnson Taylor

  1. Abbie, it is interesting how we remember those major details of our life and the music that is part of it. The mourning we go through, we do on our time. When ready we can share. Thank you for sharing your memories. Doris

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  2. Hello Abbie,

    This is a sad, moving tribute. For all the pain that has happened, I can’t help but think of the phrase it is better to have loved, than not loved at all. I hope you can find happiness remembering good moments with the short time you had with Bill.


  3. Your wedding photo is so cheerful, Abbie. That’s a lovely memory to have and it goes so well with the heartfelt sentiments in your poem and song. Your talent and dedication shines through beautifully.


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