Sir Waffles and the Broken Leg

This post by Jennifer Flaten


There once was a little black kitten, as cute as can be. One day, the kitten, maybe egged on by the older cats, did something foolish and broke his leg. Now, the kittens mom & dad would love to know how the kitten broke his leg but he’s not talking. Anyway, the broken leg resulted in a trip the emergency vet, where the kittens parents waited 4 hours for him to get his leg set.

Right before his parents were set to take him home, the stinky little kitty ripped his bandages off. His parents would have to wait another hour for him to get new ones, as it was already 1am. His parents decided to leave him at the vet’s overnight.

The next day, the little kitty got to go home, but now instead of a splint, kitty had a huge green cast on his leg. The cast was so big it made the kitten look like he had a pickle attached to his leg.

He also needed to wear a soft collar, also known as an Elizabethan collar, because he wouldn’t leave the cast alone–good thing his name was Sir Waffles, so he knows how to wear formal attire to court.

IMG_4601(1)Little kitty was upset the first night he was home. What was this big thing on his leg and how was he expected to do anything with it following him around? And, really it isn’t helpful for the older cats to stand outside his crate laughing at him and poking him through the bars.

By day two, Waffles was getting the hang of maneuvering the giant leg around. He could even arrange himself in a comfortable position and meow pitifully at anyone who came by his crate. Ensuring that everyone felt terribly guilty for keeping him from hurting himself any further.


On day three, he was allowed out of the crate for a few minutes and he discovered he could stump around JUST like a pirate. What fun, how all he needed was his own parrot.

Of course, his parents wouldn’t let him to any of the stuff he wanted to do, they insisted on keeping him from jumping onto things or running around the house…they really are no fun.

Only 3 more weeks before the cast comes off and he can run and jump again.

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11 thoughts on “Sir Waffles and the Broken Leg

  1. Give a hug to Mr. Waffles for me. Hana broke her leg when she was a pup. She had this huge green cast on her leg as well! She hated it and kept yelping every time she tried to get comfortable. I had to put a cone on her head which she hated too. I know how much it pains us when our fur babies go through pain and discomfort.


  2. Aww! What a hassle to drag around such a massive lumpen thing. Hopefully, it will set properly because there’ll be no holding Sir Waffles back come three weeks!


  3. Love this post. And like you, I’d love to know how Sir Waffles broke it. Fifteen years ago I had a girl cat who had a growth that proved cancerous. First, the local vet removed it, but it grew back. Then the vet set up an appointment for me with the NC State Vet School in Raleigh. They had a cancer study going on with Duke Medical Center. Gene therapy experiment, and my cat Bobby became part of it. They free radiation treatments and then major surgery for the right to implant genetically tinkered genes designed to fight cancer. It gave her another four years of life before a different kind of cancer did her in. After the NC State surgery, she had a caved-in look on one side of her body. But what I really remember was that after the surgery, the vet school told me not to let her jump up and down on stuff. I brought her back to the house, and what did she do? Jumped up on the kitchen counter.


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