Sluggish, faster, pretty fast, snail…oh, rubbish

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This post is by Nancy Jardine.

Ahem! I’m not talking about dancing save the fact that some words just might be gliding across the page because my eyes are too bleary. I’m talking about reading/progress rate right now…and lack of.

This past week I’ve been at my desk, at lot, doing a lot of reading. I’ve been researching heavily for the author talks I mentioned on my last Wranglers blog post, and have been slowly creating the scripts and the PowerPoint presentations, ensuring that I know what I’m talking about and have references for.

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I don’t know about you, but I’m absolutely **** not good at all**** at organising my files and folders, with sub folders and sub sub sub sub folders for general reference. Some of them are so convoluted that they look like family tree structures. I tend to have file after file of research references and relevant images for each of my historical novels- information that’s been collected over a number of years. That might sound good but when a lot of that information is relevant to all 4 of my published historical novels, and also to the fifth one that I’m currently writing, it means I’m not actually very well organised at all if I can’t remember which book —and which folder—had a particular reference to the Governor of Britannia who came after Agricola, or the word which means a Roman soldier’s sandal!

It’s a recipe for madness when I want to find something like the reference for a quote or an image URL quickly.

I need one huge file that’s called “Celts” and one huge file that’s called “Romans”. But will that work? What do you think? I might have to be convinced it will.

So this week, my writing progress has gone at the pace of the title of this post.

Compound my erratic rate and bleary eyes with the fact that I’ve had to back up thousands of files and folders onto an external hard disk in case of disaster…like a catastrophic laptop failure, or I delete things by mistake. Some already were on my external hard drive but…others…you get the picture.

But why did I need to back up so many last week?


As part of my strategy to stop complaining about poor internet connections, I’ve recently had internet wiring led through my nearly 200 year old granite walls all the way to my desk where it’s then hooked up to my laptop. The engineer told me it’s the absolute fastest connection I can have… but then very kindly pointed out that with an old laptop the speed might be a bit challenged.

My paperback books sales over the last year have been getting better but they’re not enough to buy even a half price laptop, yet I reckoned that I have to invest in the future. Gulp and bite the bullet- thank you Amazon for a good deal.

Whoopee! I have a lovely shiny new laptop with some new features since I can’t bury my head in the sand too much when it comes to keeping up with new technology.

The downside is now transferring all those lovely files and folders from my external hard disk in a much more organised fashion onto my brand new laptop!

Another dread I was encountering came to pass. There have been all those situations where the new laptop spits at me and demands my password for each of the multitude of connections in my social media places. WHAT’S THE PASSWORD? Huge gulp. I probably created some of them nearly five years ago and I’ve always had a rubbish memory!

My WORDPRESS password? Aargh! I nearly didn’t get this post live today!

Any good tips for handling the filing on my brand new laptop? (Actually, I know what I’m going to do but… advice rarely goes wrong.)

Have a lovely weekend. After I attend the Craft Fair in Inverurie today, to sell some of my novels, I think I’ll be back to…transferring more of those tidy…tidy…keep them organised… files.

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17 thoughts on “Sluggish, faster, pretty fast, snail…oh, rubbish

  1. Nancy, You have my sympathy. Talks for me are fun, and as you know I don’t use power point. (I’m enough of a diva to want them to look at me). I also rarely use notes, unless quoting. (Again, being an actor with a pretty good memory, I keep it all in my head).

    I have files for each topic and pull from them to create whatever I’m going to talk about. I have files on women doctors, life during the time period and then a misc. file. (Yes, I can pretty much remember what’s in each.) Best to you on the new laptop and the exciting history you are going to be sharing. I envy you. Doris

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think I’m envying your good memory, Doris. I’ve trained myself to remember in the short term but sometimes someone asks about something and it’s just there on the tip of my tongue yet it won’t come forth!


  2. Congrats on the shiny new laptop. That’s exciting indeed. I organize with lots of manila folders that I label “Bouchercon” or “computer” or “WordPress” and stick them in a filing cabinet. The only problem is the filing cabinet is too full now so I have them stacked in a few piles beside my desk. I don’t alphabetize them in the cabinet. So I’m trying to be organized but am sloppy about it. I have folders strewn all over my desktop on my computer which is another mess. I use Dropbox for storage though which is great. Eliminates the need for an external hard drive. I think the first 2GB are free but after that it’s a fee/year (I forget). I filled up the 2GB already so decided to just pay the fee. It’s worth it though for me because that way I can pull it up from anywhere. It’s filled with pictures and videos too which take up a lot of room. Good luck, Nancy!


    1. Hi Sarah. I’m also on Dropbox but it sometimes took so long to load with my old laptop though it might be better now. My hubby shares photos with me on Dropbox which is easier than using a memory stick etc as you say. Good luck with your filing cabinet! My new shiny laptop is going to have very organised new ‘filing cabinets’- at least that’s the theory. 😉


  3. I can sure relate. I went to a move “War Room” which was really about a prayer room but I thought of my office, which holds my Mary Kay business, personal business files, and writing business stuff, and I thought I already have a room that looks like a war was fought in it and could be called a war room. I too have writing files in three corners and various containers, and when information is needed from the same source for different projects…well, good luck in remembering where it is. Good luck with your new organizing project, and let us in on the secret when its accomplished. Glad you got a new computer to begin it with.


  4. Hey, congratulations on the new laptop. I can identify with all the hard work you have transferring your research and other stuff from your backup drive to your new laptop. And good luck with coming up with a logical, easy to use archive system. I bought a laptop back in March 2014 after moving to Las Vegas. Much nicer than the one I’d been using since 2009. I’ve got important work and photos saved on two external sources. When I need to get pointers on the proper way to archive, I take a look at Hillary Clinton’s email archiving system. Hey… I’m kidding.

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    1. Ha, ha- Mike! 🙂 I don’t mind storing on my external hard drive but it takes a little longer to load from it. I’m impatient enough to want to enjoy my new laptop’s speed while it is zippy zappy! Thanks for the support/ shares etc!


  5. Alas, I was a little late in backing up to an external hard drive. My new (kind of 1 1/2 years old), laptop went black. I had just loaded all my photos from my phone and Del’s phone onto it. All the videos and photos of the baby’s birth. Not b to mention the files on our newest anthology “It’s All About the Girlis”. Tu he bad thing is I bought my external hard drive with me. I have no suggestions on organizing files, I’m like Sarah. Lol Cher’ley


  6. What you describe is what I dreaded happening, Cher’ley, hence the time spent on transferring everything. I’ve got hundreds of photos and useful images that I really don’t want to lose.


  7. Did you know you can do keyword searches in files on your computer? It saves a ton of time over actually reading through the documents to find the info you want.


    1. I sort of know it, Joe, but have never used it successfully. You’ve just given me an idea -though. The use of particular keywords for naming my folders (& subs) might work very well for naming my historical files that are pertinent to all of my novels. Thanks for that. 🙂


  8. Oh, Nancy, I feel your pain! I have BOXES of stuff to go through this winter to re-organize (paper stuff) and it’s a chore I should never let myself have to do in the first place … but I have, I do, and it’s now on my winter project to-do list! I’m better regarding files on my computer, but then again, sometimes I have to take a few days to again organize … but at least it’s weekly or twice a week vs. the paper stuff that piles up for months, even years. Maybe I need to stop being so busy and just learn to keep up! yea, good luck with that one, Gayle!! LOL Best to you!


  9. That keeping up ain’t easy , Gayle, but good luck with it, indeed. Look forward to the winter weather that lets you get out a LOT, maybe? 😉


  10. Have fun getting to know your new laptop. Good Luck coming up with a system that works for you. My computer goes into the shop tomorrow to be wiped clean and reloaded. Then all the files will go back in and we try again.


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