Waffles: Part Deux

This post by Jennifer Flaten

When I was pregnant with the twins the doctor put me on bedrest. For almost two months I couldn’t do as much as I wanted, although truthfully as my due date neared, there wasn’t much I wanted to do–except have the dang kids already! Anything to be done with the bedrest.

Bedrest is boring, so I can sympathize with Waffles, our cat, who as you might recall broke his leg. Not only is he in a cast, but he is essentially on the cat equivalent of bedrest.

He hates it. I hate it. In fact, everyone in the family hates it, because he is so unhappy. I mean, it’s not like he can read, or catch up on all his favorite TV shows. Yes, I know cats normally sleep 23.5 hours a day, but that his CHOICE, we aren’t the boss of him.

Let’s face it cats don’t like being told what to do, but we must to keep him safe. No one likes keeping him confined, but if we don’t he will run around like nothing was wrong.IMG_4622

Yep, for him it’s business as usual. Nevermind the giant cast on his leg. For about an hour after we brought him home from the vet, he struggled against the cast. Then he realized it was on him to stay, so now he acts like a regular cat. Which means, he tried to jump off the sofa with a BROKEN leg.

On Tuesday he somehow managed to shed his cast. That’s right, he slipped out of his cast. This necessitated a return trip to the vet for a new set of xrays and a new cast. The vet, realizing she had a feline Houdini wrapped his new cast all the way up to his tummy. He’s not getting out of it anytime soon.

This cast is bigger, if you can believe that, then his old cast and it still doesn’t slow him down. If we aren’t careful he will race away, thumping his cast along behind him.

Two more weeks of this by then I think I will need some bedrest.

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8 Responses to Waffles: Part Deux

  1. Doris says:

    Bless his heart. Hang in there, both of you. Doris


  2. I hope you get your much needed bed rest soon.


  3. Neva Bodin says:

    Loved the picture, got a laugh at poor Waffle’s, (and your) expense. You write about it so well. It will be a great “remember when” story for your kids.


  4. Joe Stephens says:

    Poor guy. I always wonder what they think of these things. Do they understand on any level that this is to help them or if they just see it as a giant pain in the butt.


  5. Nancy Jardine says:

    I think there will be relief all around when the cast does come off and yet you may be hard put to tend to him because he’ll be wanting his freedom so much. Good wishes for however long his cast is on.


  6. Poor Sir Waffles. I do feel for him and always wished there was some way we could get our babies to understand we’re just trying to help them. Very amusing post!


  7. S J Brown says:

    You have to remember only a few more weeks to go. Then Mr Waffles will be running around again. I am sure he will make up for lost time as soon as the new cast comes off.


  8. wyoauthor1 says:

    I love your humor, Jennifer! I hope you and Waffles both get the rest you need because I imagine when that cast comes off, he’ll be a wild terror!!! 🙂


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