10 soars…10 dips of writing!

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This post is by Nancy Jardine

“What am I to write about for this Wranglers Blog?” Last night the muse hadn’t exactly fled but the topic I’d written about just wasn’t coming out right, so I did what all sensible authors do – I flicked TV channels as a distraction. Now, I have to say I watch almost no live TV, apart from news and local Scottish politics. Movie watching is pretty rare but it just so happened that I flicked to the very beginning of a film I hadn’t seen before. “Olympus Has Fallen” was an interesting title though it had zilch to do with my historical obsession with Ancient Romans… and sometimes Greeks as well.

However, I’m quite partial to my fellow countryman Gerard Butler (even though films he’s in are pretty varied in quality and deliverance) so I sat glued. “Olympus Has Fallen” definitely had its moments.

Wikimedia commons - CC licence
Gerard Butler Wikimedia Commons – CC licence

Gerard Butler as Mike Banning (a disgraced member of the Presidential detail who has been sidelined to a desk job at the Treasury) almost one-handedly rescues the President and his son from an invasion of serious ‘baddies’ at The White House. My Paisley Buddy Gerard downplays the bloody, frenetic, shoot em’all dead action…just a tad, when he’s on the phone to his OH giving her an update. (Believe it or not but that’s actually what natives of Paisley have always been called by their next door neighbours, the Glaswegians – i.e. people like me from Glasgow)

Picture the scene: Banning’s slumped on the floor amidst a littering ‘Fall’ of dead bodies in the corridors of the White House. He’s having a catch-his-breath moment before he jumps up to complete his avenging rampage and this ‘classic’ line comes forth after his worried OH asks something like “How has your day been, dear?”. Can you hear his breathy, gravely deep voice saying “Paperwork’s Backing Up…”

At that point I have to admit I collapsed in a heap of unbelieving giggles. The movie was truly amazing to me. (I do hope I’m not offending anyone as I write this)

* 🙂 * I wonder if you can now work out how that so memorable phrase spawned the topic of this post.

image from www.123rf.com

10 soars and 10 dips of writing! (Everybody has their own list but here’s one from me.)

10 Soars…flying free and in no significant order.

  1. Procrastination (self-)Pats on the back: engrossed by new information, some of it useful but most not immediately relevant, though later on is another story. RESULT: Celebrate, but NO MORE coffee…
  2. Cheshire Cat Condition: new WIP writing is flowing; written thousands of words and don’t care if it’s complete rubbish or not. RESULT: ICE CREAM TIME- with toffee bits…
  3. Free Fall excitement:  having written some really memorable phrases or paragraphs (the ones you think you’ll remember forever but probably won’t!) RESULT: NEEDS real chocolate…
  4. Character Drool Disease: Falling in love with your characters as they develop into real live (on paper that is) people. RESULT: PINTEREST gets a good airing…
  5. Final First draft eu(F)phoria:  eejit whooping, ear to ear grins, flinging the sheer exhaustion aside with that final flick of the finger. RESULT: TIME for wine…
  6. Edit Enjoyment: Yes…some authors actually like the nit picking of edits— at all stages. RESULT: NEEDS everything non-alcoholic…
  7. Cover design revelations: Vague concept morphs into a design with massive impact. RESULT: DEFINITELY any/all of the above…
  8. Launch Day Live-it-up: Virtual or real book launch exhaustion. Keep a party going when you’re a typical recluse. RESULT: BREAK OPEN THE BUBBLY!
  9. Marketing Mania: maintain stamina; frenzied anticipation when new marketing strategies see ebook sales rising RESULT: BUBBLY if affordable!
  10. Parting with Print: delights of selling paperback copies to customers at ‘over the counter’ venues RESULT: POST EVENT Celebrating with any/all of the above

10 niggly Dips… in no particular order

READERS – PLEASE NOTE NO GOODIES AS CONSOLATION since the post is long already –though feel free to add your own. 17295984_s

  1. Wrist slaps: you’ve researched all day and not done ANY new writing.
  2. Doldrum Diddling and lost at sea: AARgh – real life got in the way of the writing process; breakers too massive for surfboard riding and backward flips are as endless as the waves are predictable.
  3. Baddies ain’t all bad syndrome: creating the balance of conflict in the WIP – feeling even baddies can have some nice traits
  4. Way past a sell by date: dissatisfaction over length of time to write 1st draft
  5. Timeline Shock horror: painstaking tying up of unmatching loose cannons
  6. Terror time: Is the MS really ready? Gut wrenching doubts before sending to the publisher
  7. Design Dilemma: knowing what isn’t working for a cover design… but not knowing what might
  8. Balloon Burst Book Launch Blip:  soaring in the Amazon charts followed by the depression dip
  9. Social media Sucks: that 80% social media drawdown on writing time—emotional and physical time drains
  10. Book Sales despair: that nothing seems to make a difference feeling

(images from http://www.123rf.com)

So having got that off my chest, phew! – What would be some of your Soars and Dips?

Meanwhile have a lovely weekend while you’re contemplating! 

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13 thoughts on “10 soars…10 dips of writing!

  1. Love it. I’m in the dips. Truck tepairs, computer broke. Had to get truck tires. Can’t seem to get any writing projects finished. I’m hoping for some Soars. Love the way your mind works.


    1. Sorry to hear you’re in some dips too, Cherley. It’s pretty devastating when a computer isn’t available. As authors we depend on them for so much more than just our writing which we could do with pencil and paper if we can cross off all of those other authorly tasks. as for truck tires – I dread to think of that expense…ouch!


      1. Tires were $3200. and truck repairs were $3000. Computer is being fixed. I bought this new one, which will become Del’s when I get mine back. Of course it has none of my stuff on it. I feel lost. LOL Thanks. Cher’ley


  2. I enjoyed Olympus Has Fallen, a fun ride.

    I don’t know that I have soars and dips. I usually am working on a manuscript and if I’m not I have to find one. That’s where the improv writing group comes in handy. Many a scene, I would not even have thought of, ends up in the current WIP. I love it. Doris


    1. That’s such a great feeling to have, Joe. It was like like for me with The Taexali Game. The guy who designed it is a graphic artist but had not done a book cover before. I was really delighted with what he put together for me and Like you say – it was such a thrill.


  3. Very amusing post, Nancy. Currently, I’m in a dip as I’ve just finished some traveling and my birthday got in the way (although I had no problem allowing that to happen). I’m now in the midst of editing an old story and it’s been tough trying to get back into it and trying to make it work. You’re so right. There are so many dips and soars and that’s why many of us love writing in the first place. It’s never boring or the same day after day, that’s for sure!


  4. Great post, Nancy! I’m not much of a movie person either, and I especially don’t go out and pay bunches of money for movies anymore (I’ll catch ’em on DVD or Netflix!) Love your soars and dips — great lists! One of my biggest dips is “procrastination” — both on the writing and the marketing. Goal for 2016 — less procrastination, greater anticipation/planning!


  5. Nice post. I am in a dip at the moment. Rescanning photos for a WIP. Each time an image is moved it degrades a teeny tiny bit. So when everything else is done the last bit of editing is to rescan all the images before I hit the send button. I am making progress I have 115 of 154 done.


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