Grandma’s Secret Recipe





This post by Jennifer Flaten


Last weekend my mother texted me from her vacation home. She was up there on a nice fall weekend attending the town’s annual Harvest Fest. She wanted me to know she was on the hunt for the perfect piece of apple pie.01049


As our text conversation continued she mentioned she would love a piece of her mother’s apple cake. To which, I replied “the one in the white pan?” See my grandma had two different apple cake recipes one made in a white baking dish and one made in a larger bluestone baking pan.


I preferred the one in the white pan. Now, it isn’t some fancy super secret recipe. In fact, it is embarrassingly easy. It is just a Bisquick coffee cake with sliced apples on top. The other cake, if I am remembering correctly featured a homemade cake base topped with apples. Guess which one my grandma made most often.


That’s right the easy one. Guess which one is the hardest to replicate? That’s right the easy one.


I just can’t get the recipe to taste the same. Maybe it is because I don’t make it in the special white pan (which I’ve been unable to wrest from my mother’s clutches).


The fact that my mom and I refer to the recipe by the pan, made me wonder if other people remember their favorite recipes by the pan it was mode in or if you just remembered the recipe.


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10 thoughts on “Grandma’s Secret Recipe

  1. I remember many dishes my mother and grandmother made but not the recipe and certainly not the pan in which they were made. Both apple cake recipes sound good. Happy eating and hope your mother found the perfect slice of apple pie.


  2. I just remember the taste of her favorite foods, especially the cookies and candies. Never bothered with pans and recipes. In the early ’60s, my Grandma Mid baked me a three-layer birthday cake. Funny I should suddenly remember that.


  3. I don’t remember much about the cookware from my childhood, though I do remember all the amazing foods we ate. Everything was homemade and much of it was homegrown.


  4. That apple cake looks delicious. My mom had a treasured cast iron skillet that she used constantly. I’m not sure what happened to it, but she cooked everything in it from Chinese food to her amazing homemade fluffy pancakes.


  5. My mother was an excellent baker and she always claimed better success with particular pans used. Her apple pie was fabulous but it was very different from the one you’ve shown, Jennifer. It was a double crust sweet shortcrust with stewed apples in the middle. When not quite cool my mum dusted it with fine castor sugar. YES – it didn’t do much for the teeth, but it tasted delicious. She also made hard toffee (you might call it taffy?) in a special very heavy-based deep-sided but still small pan. The deep sides were to accommodate the rise of the boiling sugar. That pan was made by my grandfather (I think) since he was a sheet iron/ steel worker in the Clyde Shipyards. My sister might still have that pan.


  6. The pan really does make a difference. I have noticed my Mother in Laws famous Mac & Cheese is better when she uses the blue bowl. It might be the thickness of the bowl, the exact size, or even her mindset when she is making it. But it just comes out better in the blue bowl.


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