All the world’s a stage

This post by Jennifer Flaten

My oldest daughter caught the acting bug in sixth grade. She had a smaller role in the sixth grade play, but loved every minute of her 5 on stage. Since then she’s had a lead or chorus part in every school play.


Recently, she decided to try out for the community theatre production of Addams Family the musical. She asked some of her theatre friends what to expect but they responded with typical teenager vagueness, she knew she needed to fill out a form and do a song. That was it.


She didn’t want to audition alone so she convinced another theatre friend to come with her. I dropped them off at appointed time and went home. About five minutes later I got a call asking me to come back, seems she needed me to sign off on her application since she was under 18.


When I arrived she told me that her friend had ditched her, so I ended up staying through the auditions with her, and I’m glad I did. Mostly, because I lent moral support to my daughter, but I got to see her handle a stressful situation with aplomb.


Almost everyone else came to the audition with sheet music for their piece, my daughter didn’t she was intending to sing acapella. A lot of the other performers were alumni of the community theatre and had an easy camaraderie with the panel of judges.


I was amazed at the diversity of the performers; old, young, man, woman a huge variety. Not to mention the huge variety of talent. So people were woefully underprepared, some could have stepped off a professional stage.


Several others sang acapella so my daughter didn’t feel so out of place. A few didn’t even sing, deciding instead to repeat a poem or limerick. More than a few had to stop and start their song, so it was all levels of talent.


Ultimately, she didn’t get a role, but she is already planning her next audition.


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8 thoughts on “All the world’s a stage

  1. What great practice for her for that time she is successful! You must be very proud of her. And isn’t it interesting how much wonderful talent there is in humanity, whether it makes to the big screen or not? Tell you daughter I admire her spirit and some day I am sure she will be successful.


  2. Auditioning for community theater does sound stressful. I’ve never done anything like that. With one audition under her belt, I bet your daughter will be successful at a future audition, probably soon.


  3. Good for her. I auditioned and did plays both amateur and professiohal. It is loads of fun, but also nerve wracking when you start out.Wishing her the best as she pursues this passions. Doris


  4. You should be so proud of your daughter. I never had the courage to act or sing growing up, although I did ballet for 14 years which I guess is quite similar. It’s great she’s already moving on the next role which is what you have to do in this business.


  5. If she’s determined to audition a next time, she’ll have prepared in a way that will make her feel her talents will shine- and maybe it’ll still be singing acapella! Best wishes to her for going for it, it has to be pretty daunting.


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