The Beauty of Believing by Darrah

Darrah J. Perez 2This post by Darrah J. Perez

Every one of us has dealt with life’s issues and heartbreak. We have felt pain from losing a loved one to death, to broken relationships, to the deep darkness of addictions. Life has a tendency to be hard on every one of us from time to time, periodically day in and day out. Just like death, life too has no discrimination.

Do you sometimes feel Alone? Lost? Lonely? Confused?

Ways to Handle Emotions

  1. Look to brighter days
  2. Have Hope, Faith, and Love
  3. Release desires into the Universe (meditation)
  4. Pray
  5. Practice Gratefulness
  6. Remember God is on your side

We each have the possibilities to become anything we put our mind, heart, and soul into; all we need to do is believe—believe in ourselves and believe we are capable of what it is we want in this lifetime. Waking up each morning and being grateful to be breathing, seeing, feeling, and living are life’s greatest moments never to be taken for granted. Even though sometimes we don’t appreciate life the way we should. God knows best, and knows when we are at our best.20150818_092854-1

When I wrote my first book It Never Happened  I knew the difficulties that each of us tend to experience from time to time with life taking a toll upon us all.



This blog is useful and relevant to Overcome-Heartbreak

Deal With Being Replaced Step 1

From that blog:


  • Allow yourself to find close relations and allow yourself to enter other’s lives but do not be vulnerable. Bond with others but don’t rest yourself upon them. In this way you expose yourself to being meddled by someone else which is not very self-protective.
  • You have been tackling your tears since childhood. Each time you experience pain, you get better at handling life. You no longer feel like you been caught in the middle of no where. All these experiences together expand your capacity to understand and get over painful situations. This happens with experience and by getting over pain with patience.
  • A life with only happiness and only accomplishments would make everyone get bored with life and lose value of it. Pain brings an individual closer to themselves so they may pay attention to themselves and to what they have ignored.

I have been down some difficult roads, losing my father to suicide, spiraling into life’s addictions of drugs and alcohol, and watching my wise old grandmother take her last breath. And like some of you, my roads have often led down. I am very thankful that I am still alive today to be able to tell my stories in hope that maybe just one thing I say can either change a life, or make just one person be grateful to God, to be living, breathing, loving, smiling, and experiencing all that each new day brings.

How do you deal with heartbreak? Heartache?

Author Darrah J. Perez is from Central Wyoming

Darrah J. Perrez My book titled: It Never Happened is bound to inspire, uplift, help, and heal all who take in what it has to offer.

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12 thoughts on “The Beauty of Believing by Darrah

  1. Thanks for your inspirational post, Darrah. It was very moving and heartfelt. I rely on friends and family when I go through dark times. I know I need to let them know more often though how I appreciate them.


  2. An inspiring message for us all–thank you! You are right. When I recently went through a personal crisis, my family and friends, especially my church family, helped keep me aware of God’s presence and love and got me through it. And I’m much stronger now for the experience.


  3. Sharing what one has been through is cleansing, yet frightening. I honor you and your beliefs, and wish you well as you continue this journey through life. Doris


  4. Ah, a surprise. A new Writing Wrangler & Warrior. Welcome, Darrah. Where have I been? Enjoyed your inspirational first post. I was at the beside when both my mom and dad took their last breaths. I lived with a roommate battling alcoholism (she’s winning the battle) and just this month visited her during a trip back to Wilmington, North Carolina. I heard a phrase in a European history class back in college in the ’70s — The Great Leveler. Death is the great leveler.


  5. Hello, Darrah. Thank you. You’ve pointed to some very practical things that can be done during the process of grieving, many of which are excellent tactics for everyone whether they are religious, or not. Thinking of the best memories and looking positively to the future seems much more cathartic than dwelling on the loss, in my opinion.


  6. Welcome, Darrah – so happy to have you on board! Lovely, inspiring post. I’ve experienced a lot of heartache in my life, particularly regarding relationships, but I feel I’ve come out stronger. I’d rather not have pain and I dislike seeing my friends and family go through crisis, but I am thankful for faith and the love of others that help us through. May your books, your words, be inspiring and helpful to others for years to come!


  7. Welcome, Darrah,

    As a kid I built up some pretty high emotional walls so negative emotions wouldn’t affect me. It worked for the most part, but I also feel in retrospect I missed out on a lot of life. Thank you for your honesty and putting yourself out there. I’m not sure that the slogan “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is true, but it certainly makes one closer to humanity. To see it all. The vulnerabilities, ugliness, strength and beauty. Thanks again!


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