An Apple a Day

This post by Jennifer Flaten


Last Thursday the kids were let out of school early. It was a gorgeous fall day, sunny with just a bit of wind to swirl the leaves around. I decided it would be the perfect time to go pick apples.


Besides, I knew that apple season was rapidly coming to a close and it we didn’t go that day, we might not get any apples, and we couldn’t have that. Every since the kids were old enough to walk we’ve went to the apple orchard to pick a bushel (or 4) of apples.


This year the girls are 14 and my son is 12 so they are less enthusiastic about picking apples. I had to practically drag them into the car, but once we arrived at the apple orchard they perked up.


There is something of a competitive streak in all of them, each kid wanted to be the one to find the biggest ripest apples. Even though the orchard was picked over, it didn’t take long for them to fill an entire tote bag with apples, it just took a little more creativity on their part.


My youfile9291294450047ngest daughter decided the best way to get those tasty apples high up in the tree was to get on her sister’s shoulders. Watching the mount/dismount was comical. Once daughter two was on board it was like something out the Three Stooges, she clutched wildly at daughter one while shouting directions. Daughter one attempted to obey those directions but found it rather hard to walk with the extra weight.


At one point, they got themselves hopelessly tangled in the tree branches and I had to come to their rescue.


All in all we picked about 20lbs of apples in about 15 minutes. Those kids are machines, I often think about renting them out.


With all those apples I feel a bit like Forrest Gump…apple dumpling, apple butter, apple fritters, apple donuts, apple pie, apple cake…well you get the picture.


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9 thoughts on “An Apple a Day

  1. Reminds me of my childhood days. Grandpa Frog and Grandma Mid had two apple trees in the back yard. I can remember the type of apples… if I called my sister, she could tell me, but I’m too lazy. Anyway, grandpa would pick apples and grandma would make applesauce — the best I’ve ever tasted. I hope when I get to Heaven, she makes me some of that applesauce.


  2. Think of all of those delicious apple concoctions in the moths to come, Jennifer. Your kids will be baking with them- I’m sure! You might be surprised when they’re all much older and these are the sorts of convivial memories that surface and make them laugh.

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  3. As someone who comes from a long line of gardeners, I can tell you that there’s something special about food made with ingredients you grew or even picked. It’s enhanced by the memory of the work and fellowship. Nice entry.

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  4. My grandmother had an apple tree and my mom and I would pick apples from her tree and those that had fallen but were still good. Grammy would make apple crisp and apple pie with them — YUM!! I loved her apple crisp best. I miss it.


  5. Glad you had good luck with your apples. We used to have a large tree that put out hundreds of SMALL apples. Don’t know what kind they were, but they weren’t eating apples. And they were too small to peel and use for pies and things. Wish we could have used them.


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