IMGP6507By S. J  Brown

Nobody can possibly know everything. All of us should be learning new things every day. Learning new things enhances our lives.  Each new thing we learn has the potential to make our lives richer, fuller, and safer. 

There are some things that everyone should know, but unfortunately not everyone does. When and how to use a blinker when you are driving, or looking both ways before you cross the street are important.  

 Did you know the higher the number on your freezer dial the colder the freezer temperature will be?  Facts like what the heck is BPH and why did anyone think it was safe to use in things like baby bottles and water bottles are a bit harder to learn.  Sometimes it comes down to doing research, other times life shows us what we need to know. 

 I tend to learn things that most people aren’t concerned with. But these things come in handy for me.  I know all kinds of things about wild critters and nature. Did you know that Black Bears like the sound that a film camera makes when it advances the film?


Yes, he was close enough to hear it. 

Deer tend to stay away from plants with an aroma like marigolds and lavender. This is something many gardeners have learned over the years. 


I recently learned that our local home improvement store is on the migrating path for Monarch Butterflies.


Did you know Hummingbirds can fly upside down.  While it is an interesting fact, it’s not something everyone would need to know.  Capturing them doing this is not easy. 


Do you know what a lemur looks like?


These guys welcomed me into their world for a brief visit and taught me a little more about animal curiosity. 

The world around us is filled with interesting things and opportunities to learn There are critters all around us like this tree frog that likes our backyard pool.


I friend of mine recently learned that the fox that was spotted in her yard wasn’t concerned with her or her dog.  It was probably on its way to check out how accessible the neighbors chickens were.


As a member of this group I have learned about history, trains, traditions, and much more.  Hopefully I have returned the favor and taught all of you a thing or two about wild critters.  All of us have a little bit of wisdom to share and lots to learn.  So lets all make today  a productive learning experience.


Thanks for stopping by. 

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22 thoughts on “Learning

  1. Learning new things everyday, eh? That got me to thinking …. So many of the political stuff that gets shared on Facebook, it’s obvious folks who are doing the sharing can’t bother to actually do some research on what the particular illustration is saying. So many out-and-out lies are being circulated, and the originators must be giggling over all the ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ their propaganda has gotten. For myself, I don’t do a whole lot of sharing, especially political stuff. I like to create my own posts that rely on my research. People can disagree with something I’ve written, but they can’t criticize me for not putting together a well-researched argument.

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  2. SJ
    Did you know that Harry Houdini – the famed escape artist, magician and spiritualist debunker died on Halloween Oct. 31, 1926? He was supposed to die 4 days earlier but he was too stubborn – the show must go on. However he took his final bow on Halloween.
    Thank you for the animal knowledge. That was great.
    – Stephen

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  3. Wish I had known about the marigolds and lavender when I was in Berkeley. Deer ate our blooming hydrangeas. I love learning. Just don’t have as much time as I’d like.


  4. Brilliant observations, SJ. I used to say to my pupils that if they went home without learning at least 1 new thing (quite major) then I wasn’t doing my job properly. I personally have a need to learn something new every day…and that’s why I read a lot as well as write.

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    1. My current WIP is teaching me about things that were going on in the world when I was a child and I didn’t have a clue about. So you are correct writing can teach us new things.


  5. I agree 100% with you. I also appreciate your sharing your experience and knowledge of the ‘wild kingdom’ with the rest of us. I sometimes get photos of animals, but it is more luck than my going and trying to find them. I so admire what you do. Doris


  6. I’m curious when you say that black bears like the sound of a film camera advancing. Do you mean they are attracted to it or that it seemed to give them joy? I have this weird picture in my mind of a smiling bear.


  7. What an interesting post. As always, you have a lot to share, plus we are given the chance to see your incredible photos. I agree about learning. You can never get enough of it and while some things are important, others are just fun facts. Thank you S.J.


  8. I love that your posts have so many gorgeous photos of critters. I enjoy learning new things every day and wish I could be a professional student. I’ve always loved school, especially in subjects I am passionate about like creative writing, literature, languages, film, and even math! I was so amazed by what I learned at the ATF Citizen’s Academy, but the thing that will stick with me the most is the nugget of info about how dogs are able to smell so keenly. I thought that was so fascinating. Thanks for the wonderful posts, S.J.


  9. A fun and interesting blog. I love animals, and I love photography, but I love your devotion to capturing these critters. You bring up some interesting points. Thanks for sharing. Cher’ley


  10. I so enjoyed your post, SJ! Your connection to the natural world is so inspiring and I LOVE your photos! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and creativity with us. One fact I recently learned about dogs is their receptors in their noses are thousands of times more than humans — one reason they make great detectors for drugs, bombs, cancer, epilepsy, and other things. Learning and sharing knowledge is great fun! 🙂


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