A Scrap of Plaid

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Fellow Writer and Wrangler Nancy Jardine recently shared a picture of a beautiful plaid dress that reminded me of an old remnant of fabric saved from my childhood. I retrieved it, wrinkled but intact, from my mother’s cedar chest.

The fall I turned eleven, my grandfather–my father’s father, whom we called Dad–gave her money to buy me a birthday present. She purchased this wool plaid to make a pleated skirt for me. When I was sixteen, she remade the skirt into an A-line skirt and a weskit.


Opening the package at breakfast was a bittersweet experience, because Dad had died unexpectedly the afternoon before. Mother told me she’d chosen the fabric because the blue reminded her of the color of his eyes.

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26 thoughts on “A Scrap of Plaid

  1. Memories, sweet and difficult sometimes, yet we crave them and need them, and that’s why I hang onto my “stuff” I think. So glad you found your special memory in plaid. That is a touching story.


  2. That’s a lovely and also poignant story, Kathy. Even if you’d kept only a little bit of that plaid, it would bring back emotional memories. It’s a very pretty colour!


  3. Do you ever wonder how many stories there are in the things we keep? I hadn’t until I began this reply. Thanks, Nancy, for commenting and for giving me more to think about. And for the topic in the first place. That trench dress is amazing. I want one. Wouldn’t dare wear it, though.


  4. Lovely post, Kathy! I have a remembrance of my grandfather the Christmas that he died — while we waited for Santa Claus downstairs, I showed him handstands and headstands I’d learned (I was 7) and I remember his smile and his delighted gray eyes. He died of a heart attack two days later. Amazing what sticks in the memory banks from childhood.


  5. Great little Slice of Life. Bittersweet. My house burned to the ground in 2003. Luckily I had not had a chance to move all my things in, but I lost all the most precious treasures (because I hand carried these things to make sure nothing happened to them), the firemen were able to throw my photo albums out into the yard (though a little water damaged, and singed), at least I had them. I, however, lost several plastic tubs of photos and videos. But, among the things that had not got moved in (in storage), was a blouse my Mom had made me when I was around 10, I was taking piano lessons and music was becoming important in my life, it had musical instruments on it. Cher’ley


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